Introduction: Cat Trap

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Step 1: Bottom

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Step 2: Back

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Step 3: Side

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Step 4: Door+Slide

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Step 5: Trigger System

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Step 6: Top

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Step 7: Assembly

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Step 8: Load, Activate , Result!


atoolshed (author)2016-10-28

ohh this is nice, I'm looking for a way to catch some little feral kittens that have eye infections, so I can clean their eyes and put eye ointment

Phoenix Flare (author)2014-07-09

Stop the criticism people!

The trap would be good when taking puss to the vet or trapping territorial ally cats.

Well done ! The trap looks awesome!

nveggiloo (author)2014-02-23

What's the purpose of trapping your cat?

Knex4Life23 (author)2012-08-08

good job!

~KGB~ (author)2011-08-21

Nice haha =D

panthersfan (author)~KGB~2011-09-01

I Know 4.5 stars

~KGB~ (author)panthersfan2011-09-01


ovan der beek (author)~KGB~2011-08-21

Thnx:) about 3 days work.
The trigger system is hard to make

~KGB~ (author)ovan der beek2011-08-21

No problem. nice

TheAwesomestDude (author)2011-08-25

dude thats just wrong

I gave him food :)

still... not very nice =D

Thats the reason why I destroyed the cage

lol did he try to bite you when you took it apart lol

thats good lol

He never bit me in the 1,5 years he is my friend.
Ahhw He push his head agains me at the moment

Mupton101 (author)2011-08-22

I think my cat could break out of this very easily.

ovan der beek (author)Mupton1012011-08-22

Put some cardboard around it

DJ Radio (author)2011-08-21

Nothing's gonna stop that kitty from going ape sh*t and destroying that weak cage.

ovan der beek (author)DJ Radio2011-08-22

No my cat is not so clever hihi

apples!!!!! (author)2011-08-21


Unless this is supposed to be some travel thing.

EEhhm no I was just bored :)
He was like: Wtf?? XD

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