Picture of Cat window perch
Our cat liked getting on a sofa to look out a window. Said sofa was getting cat fur all over it and clawed up. Made our cat her own personal window perch for cheap.
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Step 1: Long story and parts used.

In the living room area there are 2 windows and one of them has a sofa in front of it. The cat would lay on the back rest of the sofa to see what all was going on outside (damn birds). I had some boards that were part of a shelf in one of our closets that were collecting dust, so I decided to see if I could build a shelf under the other window for the cat to rest on.

Some of the things I did have on hand were the 11.5" wide boards, some black "automotive" carpet and various wood screws.

Items I had to go out and purchase:

Two 8ft 3/4" PVC pipes.
Ten 90deg elbows.
Eight "T" fittings

Step 2: Sizing up the cat

Picture of sizing up the cat
First thing was to see if the cat would fit onto a 11.5" width board. To do this, I put the board on the floor and plopped the cat onto the board... to which end she would just walk away. So I took a piece of newspaper (ads) and put it on the board and pretended to read it.... 10 seconds later the cat lays down on the board and is a good fit. I figured 22" length would work out.

I cut 2 boards out, so they are 11.5" X 22". Since my cat is old and fat, I figured I should make the perch with a lower level to help make it easier to get to the upper level that is at the window.
This is great. I am going to make it a large unit as I have 4 furrballs and they adore laying on ANYTHING! I am going to use canvas and a closed netting instead of wood this will entail using more pvc pipes and adding more steps but it will be worth it. I can see the furrballs hissing at the killer birds outside the windows now.

If you did it well, you've also got a way to keep the surfaces clean -- just pull off the slings, hammocks, whatever you want to call them, into the laundry every week or two. I also thought of weaving the nylon strapping that is used on lawn chairs that have web seats (that don't hold up for very long).

b1russell5 years ago
LMAO at Step 2 and your so ingenious method of attracting the cat to where you wanted her!  It's a guarantee!  I only have to pick up a book - or any reading material - for the cat or cats to decide that page is where they need to plop their furry little behinds!  It DOES pay to know your critter that well!
sherryr7 years ago
I was surfing for a cat perch that did not cost a few hundred dollars and happened upon this. Easy to make once you decide on your size that you want. The kids and I put it together with a few changes. We made the top more like a hammock/sling.The cat loves it. And it didn't break the bank. Thanks!!
amander8 years ago
This is great! You could also, instead of using board, make frames and stretch fabric on them (much like stretching a canvas) to make them more like kitty window slings. I bought a window sling for my cats, but this one with all of the levels is much cooler. Right now, my two young sibling sisters fight for the one sitting area. It's much coveted real estate.
chasmyn8 years ago
Excellent! My cats woul;d use it as a perch and my son would use it to climb up to the window and knock the cats down. Might I suggest sinding some sort of rough rope around the PVC for kittehs with clawz to scratch upon?
Hey, that's pretty neat. I've been considering building some sort of wall/ceiling unit that my cats could climb about on and lounge as the mood struck them. I hadn't thought of PVC, though.
cattledog9 years ago
cool build,beautiful cat
colin9 years ago
Ha! Instructables has reached the point where people are posting pics of their cute cats! Actually, seriously, it's a cool project. I really like making structures out of PVC since it's pretty cheap, super versatile, and you can find everything you need at a local Home Depot.