CatGenie: How to Use Less Water and Keep the Toilet Clean





Introduction: CatGenie: How to Use Less Water and Keep the Toilet Clean

If you have a CatGenie with the drain line connected to your laundry drain, I envy you. If contemplating a CatGenie, I strongly recommend connecting it in the laundry if you have the space.

If, like me, you haven't the room in the laundry then you'll have to connect the drain to the toilet, but this presents a problem: cleanliness and flushing. You have to flush the toilet after every cycle or the pureed poop/pee mixture will form a nasty crust. This uses a lot of water - or requires some heavy duty cleaning.

Fortunately, there is an alternative that both keeps the toilet sparkling clean and uses no additional water whatsoever.

NOTE: This modification assumes you can dedicate a toilet to this use. It will not be useable by humans in this configuration.

Step 1: Grab the Drain Hose

OK, well - I guess Step 1 should actually be "Clean The Toilet", but I figure you can handle that.

After that, grab the drain hose.

Straighten out the rubber end of the hose and hold it against the bottom of the bowl.

Step 2: Flatten the Hose Against the Bowl

Holding the hose flat against the bowl, push it down the toilet and past the "U" of the trap. The end of the hose swivels, so make sure it doesn't rotate on you.

Step 3: Push the Hose Through

Once it has been pushed through far enough, the rubber end of the hose will snap back into it's normal shape, dumping it's nasty foulness directly into the sewer line. To be sure its properly seated, give the hose a gentle tug. If its where it should be, it won't come back out.

Step 4: The Finished Product

That's all there is to it! Now your CatGenie will cycle and dump it's contents past the water in the toilet bowl. Since the hose end is past the water, there is no danger of it siphoning the water from the bowl back into the CatGenie. That would be bad.

I've had two CatGenies connected to the same toilet in this manner for more than six months now with no problems. Enjoy.

- ScottSEA
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...this essentially renders the toilet unusable for..."non-fluid" matter. the CatGenie excretes liquid, right? couldn't you hook it up to a sink instead?


Bathroom sinks usually drain into "grey water", because the worst that's meant to go down them is soapy water you washed your hands in, or toothpaste, not the output of your cat toilet. Kitchen sinks drain into "black water" because all sorts of nasty go down there, but I wouldn't want to combine my cat toilet and kitchen sink.

I'm sorry but are talking about an rv or a house because if your talking about a house there is only one system and that is black water. All though the plumbing is intended for a different use its destination is the same and converges before leaving the house. My only concerns are do you get any of the waste water from the cat genie in your pee trap and have you had any clog issues with this location.

most modern septics and sewers are all combined waste and combine grey water and sewage i use a dishwasher tailpipe adapter on my bathroom sink and have never had an issue, i have a combined input septic system

just make a 1.5 inch hole in the wall and run a 1.5 inch pipe to ur garden and drain your cat genie(s) into the pipe that way you dont have to sacrifice a toilet and you are good to ur garden

...not really something I'd recommend. You don't really want to just pump liquefied fecal matter into your garden. Yes, they do use manure as fertilizer, but it's usually been composted. Also, they generally use high biomass manure, pretty much herbivore (horse, cattle) and not omni or carnivore (cat).

Think, herbivore poo = rotting plant matter... Carnivore poo = rotting meat.

I cut my drain pipe and installed a dishwasher 'Y' fitting just over the P trap. I then fitted the catgenie hose with a collar on the Y fitting. Goes directly into the sewer. I can post pictures if needed.

yes, please. Pictures would be helpful for me

 Please post pictures!  I would love to see this solution.  Or do an Instructable?

Hooking it up to thesink would make a not so funny mess to clean. The catgenie pump the dirty water with strong force, so it would send waste all over the countertop, yikes! Perhaps you ment driving the waste hose down the sink, past the P-trap, but still, the hose would look kind of weird Genie_refiller's idea is genius!