After over a year of construction, Cataclysm is finally finished! It has 6 paths and 10 lifts. 8 of those lifts are new. It stands almost 8 feet high. I haven't counted the pieces yet, but I will soon. The 10 lifts are organized into 3 networks, each network having two paths. I had to buy many pieces while building, most of which were blue connectors, blue rods, and green rods. I completely ran out of yellow rods. A Lego train runs around the bottom of the ball machine. :-)

This used 16 AA and 3 C batteries to power the motors.

Construction was started on May 25, 2009, and I finished on September 25, 2010.

The grand total of pieces is 28,538!

Click here for the picture album, with higher quality pictures!

Here is the video!

<p>I love the green tunnels you utilized in this build and in the Citadel.</p>
<p>Thanks! I was planning on making a long curving one in my unfinished ball machine, so it was built into Citadel instead.</p>
<p>How much K'nex do you have? And how did you get it all? Buying sets? Ebay? And did you buy them yourself, or did someone else buy them?</p>
<p>I have 40-50,000 pieces, and most were bought from Ebay. Recently I started buying them with my own money, but lots of the other pieces were for birthday/Christmas presents.</p>
<p>have the balls ever hit each other on the race track?!</p>
<p>No, one ball was always delayed so they wouldn't collide. </p>
<p>WOW!!!!!! that would never work for me!</p>
haha - just realized that you posted this on by birthday, I feel special!
Ha, nice :-P
Nice ball machine! Very innovative and ingenious! :-) <br> <br>Do you have any idea where I can get some closer images or instructions on the element in 2:29 - 2:33 ?
Alright, I found lots of pictures of it so I put them in an Ible <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EVAHHQ9GOW49QMO/step3/Knex-Pics/" rel="nofollow">right here</a>.
Wow! Thanks for these! =D <br>
You're welcome. :-)
Thanks! I don't have access to any pictures right now, but if I remember I'll make a Cataclysm album on Flickr this weekend.
You have built some insanely cool stuff!!
Thanks! :-)
wow!We have maybe 10,000-15,000 pieces.I'm a Christian too! How did you embed your video? Thats a photo of part of our ball machine a week ago.
Cool! Do you build with someone else? (I noticed you said &quot;we&quot;). To embed the video there's an icon near the right side, and when you click it you can paste the embed code there.&nbsp;
My brother (Weston) helps me he's a good helper!!
we're new to this what grade are you in?How many pieces do you have? <br>are you in school if so what grade are you in?
I'm a senior in high school and I have 30,000-40,000 pieces.
I've known you for a while on you tube and on instructables so I decided to subscribe!!
thanks :D
I like path 2 :)
Ah yes, the freefall. :-)
Haha :D
could you show me how to make some good path deviders?
Here is a picture of the most simple type:
holy **** this is awesome
WOW do you ever run out of pieces!!!!!
WOW!!!!!! how do you come up with that??!! how long did that take you to build?!
i have the same exact lego train w/a lot of extra tracks. I'm thinking of making an NXT train soon, since I have mindstorms NXT 2.0
I think that new light blue train is cool, even thought you have to buy motor and track separately. Do you use 9-volt or RC?
9-volt, with a LOT of tracks including 4 switches and the dual crossover. There's a new one?!?! I haven't been on LEGO.com lately...
Whoops, I meant RC... :-/
The new one is really cool. The 9-Volt system is best, but it's very expensive. Last time I checked on Bricklink straight rails were 20 dollars per piece!
well there not that expensive as far as I know... that might be a freak pricing accident, but its NOT the normal price....
Maybe it was an accident. It was used too. :-P
That is why. Buy some from lego.com, its very cheap, thought they dont make that train or the dual crossover anymore :-(
MAN! OVer 400 comments! Your well on your way to internet fame Shadow! :-D
My Ible with the highest comments is the lift guide, almost 1000! Our gaming channel will gain more recognition though. :-)
Name Of It?
The channel? We haven't made it yet, and are still thinking of a name.
TornShadow<br><br>Then intro is likw shadow being torn?<br><br>Otherwise<br><br>gameUPDATED<br>GamerPatch<br>
Tornado wants it to be Bedrock Bros. :-P I was thinking of something like ShadowTornado.
Ok. Id do ShadowTornado

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