Step 7: Create Wire Frame

After the initial fitting, I decided the costume needed a frame for full effect. Take three wire coat hangers and bend completely straight using either your bare hands or pliers where necessary. Once you have a long length of straight wire, measure it against the tetrahedron edges and bend it into a triangle, duct taping the edges together. Make sure that the beginning of each wire is not at a corner, but is in the middle of an edge. This will make it much more stable and easier to tape safely in place.

Make three wire triangles the size of the tetrahedron sides and duct tape them together into a pyramid. Make absolutely certain that all sharp edges are firmly duct taped in place so that there are no unpleasantly pokey parts to injure your cat. Forming the pyramid out of three finished triangles has the benefit of creating nice smooth pieces, and also having two wires along each edge will give it extra support because coat hanger wire isn't that strong.

When the frame is ready simply pull the cloth over it and use safety pins or basting stitches to hold it in place. You don't want to permanently attach the frame because you may want to wash the costume in the future. All that you need is something to hold the bottom edge of the cover to the bottom edge of the frame, and safety pins hidden on the inside work perfectly for that.
<p>It's the Triforce!!!!</p>
Really great and fun idea you have and very aesthetic to look at. We are cat people too and I have a suggestion for another use. Make it a little bigger, make a bottom triangle, sew it up well, beef up the frame, add a much larger entry and suspend it from the a hook loop just high enough to make an enclosed cat hammock. I bet you could make and sell thousands to pet stores everywhere...no kidding!
love it and the pun! :)
and am now thinking (as my cat does NOT do Halloween) if I could make a dodogahedron??
The costume would be lighter and safer if the frame were made of plastic drinking straws. We used to make tetrahedron kites out of straws, string, and tissue paper. Pass the kite string through five straws (just suck the string through from the other end), tie into a &lt;|&gt; shape (imagine those triangles being a bit bigger there!), and add another straw for the final leg of the tetrahedron. <br><br>With the fabric, though, you probably could dispense with the string, or just use a thin elastic. No worries regarding poking wires!
who thowz 4 sided dice... honestly?
Yeah, I think this die is &quot;loaded&quot; it always lands on 4. :D<br><br>(I am SO gonna make one for &quot;mellow boy cat&quot;
If you put some numbers on it you'd have a bona fide 4 sided dice. If you've got a bunch of cats you could make a complete set of kitty dice! Lifesize dnd anyone??
Haha. The d20 could just be a 20-sided cat-sized hamster ball. =P<br/>
I love your cat he's such a cutey
That's cool but my cat would scratch my face off if I tried to put that on him
Im in your quantum catahedron, maybe.
You could also make Barkminster Fuller's famous D-O-Gesic dome.<br><br>
That's pretty clever.
So cute...I can't believe the cat likes it so much. It's like a mini house for him too. I can't even get my dog to wear a shirt, much less a costume. Nice instructable.<br />
Does the cat &quot;Like It&quot; or is it thinking up new and painful ways to get even at about 3:00 in the morning....LOL
That's adorable!
bad pun. good instructable.
Instead of a catahedron, I might make a pyramid version of this. thanks for the idea!
I found this on LOLcats....you're an internet celebrity!<a rel="nofollow" href="http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/funny-pictures-cat-is-caught-in-pyramid-scheme.jpg">http://icanhascheezburger.files.wordpress.com/2009/05/funny-pictures-cat-is-caught-in-pyramid-scheme.jpg</a><br/>
SEhr interessant, aber was soll das darstellen oder was für ein zewck hat das Derieck. Sieht echt lustig aus *lol*
What a cute, funny idea. You have a very patient kitty.
i like the pics where the cat is sitting inside the costume and carefully looking through the hole :-P
That's my fave image too.
I can't get over the cuteness of your cat. I especially love the overhead shot in step 8, with the head and tail sticking out of the awesome costume. It's so great that the cats actually like it.
Awww, thanks! He's an incredibly cute fellow, but but that's how he gets you! He may look sweet, but he's really full of mischief.
I like the last picture where he is in the costume looking out. It's really cute!
That looks really good!
Cats, Platonic Solids and Quilting. Who would have thought they go so well together? 5/5 Too many laughs at the great photos. Thanks
P.S. I saw your stash and I'll raise you one.
Awwww that is soooooo cool !!! Favrouited + 5*
lol ;P
LOL this is soo adorable! My cat would rip my face off when I would try to fit her in it though...
Funny costume! I love the originality! 5/5
what about a dodecahedron!!1that be awesome.....
that is the cutest thing I have ever seen. But my cats wouldn't talk to me for a week.
im concerned
lol dat kitty is like- owh mah gosh..how did i geht heyuh?
I really have to wonder how your cat hasn't tried to eat you yet. You get points for this. Like . . . at least three points. Cute cat :)
Kudos, Great Instructable, The pic with the kitty peeking out it priceless, You should use that as your Christmas card. Your cat does look pretty happy about it all.
How to kill a cat's confidence...
This is an amazing idea. And such a cute kitty! :D I bet I could get Marcello to wear this. :D But I think I might make him wear a cape for Halloween, hahaha.
I figured your cats were going to dress up a geek burlesque dancers ;P
They're done with that phase, believe it or not! I didn't know you could get sick of pasties! I told Marcello I made him four more pasties and he told me that pasties are "so last year" and now he wants to be Batman. :D
Great 'ible, this would deff get A bunch of hits on Ebay, me being one of them. if you ever get on ebay, let me know if you do custom get ups, someone stole my box turtle from its pen, otherwise i would have had fun this halloween =(<br/>
Anyone else notice the Triforce, or have I just been raised by Nintendo?
no, i deff saw the triforce when i looked that flat pieces before put together. <br/><br/>my gf has two cats and now i want to go make costumes for them, add LED's and make them extra spooky lol<br/><br/>great instructable added to favs =D<br/>

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