Step 8: Final fitting

Once the frame is attached to the quilt the costume it's ready to go! Gently coax your cat into it and admire your work!

At first I was worried that my cat would be unhappy wearing the costume, but as it turns out he really likes it. Like many cats, he's got a strong instinct to sit inside of things so even when I took the costume off of him he got right back in. I would worry about him injuring himself if he wore it while I wasn't directly supervising him, but he definitely seems to appreciate the concept. Also, he appears to be able to walk around freely while wearing the costume, which is adorable!

While your cat is not wearing the tetrahedron it can be placed on its side to make a quilted cat tent-nook-bed thing, which both my cats (even the one that's far too skittish to be costumed) like very much.

Happy Halloween!
oshiete44 years ago
The costume would be lighter and safer if the frame were made of plastic drinking straws. We used to make tetrahedron kites out of straws, string, and tissue paper. Pass the kite string through five straws (just suck the string through from the other end), tie into a <|> shape (imagine those triangles being a bit bigger there!), and add another straw for the final leg of the tetrahedron.

With the fabric, though, you probably could dispense with the string, or just use a thin elastic. No worries regarding poking wires!
Laura.D4 years ago
I love your cat he's such a cutey
So cute...I can't believe the cat likes it so much. It's like a mini house for him too. I can't even get my dog to wear a shirt, much less a costume. Nice instructable.
junge6 years ago
SEhr interessant, aber was soll das darstellen oder was für ein zewck hat das Derieck. Sieht echt lustig aus *lol*
MrRodrigez6 years ago
LOL this is soo adorable! My cat would rip my face off when I would try to fit her in it though...
Kudos, Great Instructable, The pic with the kitty peeking out it priceless, You should use that as your Christmas card. Your cat does look pretty happy about it all.