Last year I made a Portal/Rickroll cake for my husband's birthday. It was a hit to say the least. This year I made him a Settlers of Catan Cupcake Cake. My guests enjoyed it; I hope the internet does as well.

Step 1: Planning

The Settlers of Catan playing board is made of Hexagonal resource tiles which are placed in a set pattern in a random order to form the board. In the standard two player game the resources break down as follows :
4 Forest/Wood
4 Sheep/Wool
4 Grain/Wheat
3 Stone/Ore
3 Clay/Brick
1 Desert
The cards a player draws during game play have nice pictures of each resource, but the tiles have an image suggestive of the land from which that resource might be taken.
The first obstacle was making the cupcakes into hexagons. I toyed with buying/making hexagonal pans but settled for the much easier option of topping each cupcake with a cookie. I didn't even buy a cookie cutter for this, I just cut around an actual Catan piece.
The next obstacle was making the cookies look like the tiles. I wanted to do more than just frost them their respective colors, but I didn't think I could copy what was on the tiles. I ended up decorating some with just frosting and others with candies.
I see you've leveled up to 'wife' in this particular Instructable. Congrats are in order!
You are a goddess!&nbsp; You're creative, you can cook, you know what Settlers of Catan is, _and_ you see nothing wrong with a &quot;cake&quot;&nbsp;that contains enough sugar (mmmmm... sugar...) to give everyone in a two mile radius diabetes.&nbsp; Marry me? X-D<br />
&nbsp;8D *spellbound*
My entire Family loves Settlers and I am so making this on my mother's birthday.
And it was as delicious as it was incredible to see!
This is just a fantastic idea! Well done :)
amazing! absolutely making these for my friend i play catan with. I'm still in the middle of making the 3d set, but this seems a lot easier. haha, I won't have to go out and get resin at least.
Excellent! Birthday cake you can play, <em>then</em> eat. ;)<br/>(I'll trade you two sheep for a wheat...)<br/>
Dibs on the ore tiles!! Mmmmm, Oreos!
... I'm speechless... I have to make this for a board game convention I'm going to in a month.
that's awsome! I love 'settlers'

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