Step 8: Ore tiles

Frost the ore tiles in which and then place a number in the middle and cover the rest with a mixture of crushed Oreos and crushed cookies and cream candy.
I see you've leveled up to 'wife' in this particular Instructable. Congrats are in order!
You are a goddess!&nbsp; You're creative, you can cook, you know what Settlers of Catan is, _and_ you see nothing wrong with a &quot;cake&quot;&nbsp;that contains enough sugar (mmmmm... sugar...) to give everyone in a two mile radius diabetes.&nbsp; Marry me? X-D<br />
&nbsp;8D *spellbound*
My entire Family loves Settlers and I am so making this on my mother's birthday.
And it was as delicious as it was incredible to see!
This is just a fantastic idea! Well done :)
amazing! absolutely making these for my friend i play catan with. I'm still in the middle of making the 3d set, but this seems a lot easier. haha, I won't have to go out and get resin at least.
Excellent! Birthday cake you can play, <em>then</em> eat. ;)<br/>(I'll trade you two sheep for a wheat...)<br/>
Dibs on the ore tiles!! Mmmmm, Oreos!
... I'm speechless... I have to make this for a board game convention I'm going to in a month.
that's awsome! I love 'settlers'

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