I have a few nieces and nephews coming around lately and they are always going into my scrap bin to build stuff and then knock it down over-and-over again. I decided to make them a small set of building blocks, complete with two battling catapults. It has 46 blocks in total, made from 3/4" maple stock. The catapults are made from Maple along with a stick of Cherry for their throwing arm.  The ball cup and throwing arm were made on the lathe, the rest was made on the table saw along with a miter sled.

Download the 3D model here

Step 1: Tools and Materials

The tools and materials I used in this project are as follows:

  • Table-saw with a miter sled
  • Drill press
  • Midi-Lathe
  • Cordless drill and driver
  • Disk/Belt sander
  • Orbital sander
  • 3/4" drywall screws
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood
  • Wood glue
  • 2 small eye screws
  • Marbles or some type of ammo
  • 2 different color ribbons and 4 toothpics
  • spray adhesive
<p>can you show this in video?</p>
Hey that's so cool!!! Does it hurt?
<p>I'm sure it could. You need a piece of cardboard behind the targets in case you miss. They leave dents in the drywall.</p>
Hey congratulations on being a finalist in the weekend projects contest! These look fantastic!
Thank you! The children use this game ALL THE TIME!!!
Thank you. I would love to see what you make. :) <br>
Awesome game! Looks like it can entertain kids for hours. :-) <br>BTW, I subscribed.
Thanks Chikpease, I'll return the follow ;) <br>and yes every time the kids come around I have it out for them. I must say though, that they find other ways of playing with it. They sit in chairs and set up cans for targets. And without telling them about the throwing arc, they figured it out all by themselves by placing some of the blocks under the front to increase the distance of the throw. That made me very proud of those little ones! <br>
Thanks for the follow! Awesome to encourage kids to use their minds. :-)
When I come over can I see it!?
Hey Brandon. You can see it anytime ya want to buddy. Maybe you could play it with Lilly. :) <br>
I just have to build this, this is game i want to play, real fun with real people and real damage:D hope i&acute;m gonna aim well;)
It really is a lot of fun! The kids like it too! :) Me and a buddy sit back drinkin beers and take turns shooting at targets to knock down!
these would be excellent for office warfare with marshmallow ammunition.
That sounds like a lot of office fun!
I'm no good with wood etc so I think I may have a go at modelling the catapult etc and 3D printing this. &nbsp;&nbsp;I think you could probably print most of it in one go and remove the need for most of the screws. You could even use flexible PLA plastic as a replacement for the elastic/band item as it is quite stretchy and elastic. PLA will also allow for each catapult to be a different colour so you could have teams (Green &amp; Red vs Yellow &amp; Blue) or a large scale free for all (Green vs Red vs Yellow vs Blue vs Glow in the Dark Yellow lol). Who said new tech and old fun can't work together :-) I'll let you know how I go when the printer arrives in a couple of weeks. (I'll be using the Velleman K8200 3D Printer from Maplin's and probably modelling everything on 3DMAX / Maya or something like that)
These are some good ideas you have. I would love to see what you come up with. <br>
I wanted to see a video of the catapult in motion
there is a video up now
hi <br>
I think it was called &quot;crossbows and catapults&quot;. Set used plastic pucks from plastic catapults, there was a crossbow that would slide them across the floor, and a dragon. there were other accessories as well. <br> <br>the goal was to build a castle from plastic bricks and defend your flag. Knocking the opponents flag over was the end of the game. <br> <br>a wooden set makes it better. Completely awesome and expandable :)
Yep, I'm old enough to have gotten this for Christmas as a kid. I loved it and it is one of the reasons I made this! Thanks! <br>
here it is. <br> <br>http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2129/crossbows-and-catapults <br> <br>your wooden set could use a thin plywood facade with a shelf in the back for a couple of &quot;towers&quot;, or as seige engines :) <br>
I agree! and is one of the reasons I made this one! <br>
I really must take you to task! .... My son is bugging me to make this ....this like sooo what boys want :-)
You will not be disappointed! Don't be surprised if the girls love it too..
This is awesome! (LOVE that you used pipes in the video!)
Thank you. They really do love to play with it. And it is holding up well to their abuse. Even the neighbor kids got in on the action.
Super Neat!! <br>Super Cute!! <br>You are awesome :)
you are way too kind! Thank you! <br>
I really admire wood working (<em>in this case it is yours</em>) like anything. I can watch an artist like you shaping those wood for hours. In India, I visit Handicraft fairs only to see those tribal wood artists working.&nbsp;
Thank you again. I have enjoyed working with wood since forever. And I love watching those videos on you tube.
Really great idea. Should keep the kiddos entertained and away from the TV.
Thank you. <br>
This will make you the Best Uncle Ever.<br> <br> You should check out the old <a href="http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/2129/crossbows-and-catapults" rel="nofollow">Crossbows &amp; Catapults board game</a>. The &quot;crossbows&quot; from that game would make a sweet upgrade to an already awesome project.
yeah, I had the game when i was a kid. I loved it. And yes, I was thinking of making some crossbows for it.
I was thinking of that game as I read this. I miss it.
thanks <br>
I wanted to see a video of the catapult in motion
I will see what I can come up with for ya. <br>
Great idea. Used to play a similar game with my brother as kids, but we built small pyramids from marbles and took turns to roll marbles at them. Last man standing won. If you play this facing each other, be careful not to shoot each other in the face by accident.

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