Introduction: Catapult Made With Tongue Depressors and Rubber Bands

We will make a quick catapult for kids with just tongue depressors and rubber bands (and some wooden dowels)

You can find a full list of supplies and a detailed howto on the youtube video :

Step 1: Punch Holes at the Edges of 6 Tongue Depressors

Step 2: Use Wooden Dowels to Connect 3 of Them in a Triangle Shape

Step 3: Create the Arm With More Tongue Depressors

Step 4: Assemble the Arm Around One of the Wooden Dowels

Step 5: Tip: Use Parchment Paper to Shape Glue Joints

Using parchment paper (the paper our moms bake on), you can shape the joint as you like as the parchment paper does not adhere to the hot glue when it cools off

Step 6: Place Rubber Bands

Step 7: Create Props With Paper, Glued on Neoprene Foam

Step 8: See the Video for a Detailed How-to


LaserByte (author)2015-12-28

Cool project!

ArisK3 (author)LaserByte2015-12-28

thanks! more shooting stuff with tongue depressors coming soon

vickypgr (author)2015-12-26

Great tutorial and it looks easy to make . I love that all the supplies are easy to find!

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