Picture of Catapult Out of Two Paper Clips
The latest in weapons technology... okay, maybe not, but it is a great little catapult about 2 inches long that can lob a small wad of paper over 3 feet! I started inventing them 2 days before making this instructable, and have made quite a few different variations since then. I'm sorry the pictures are so bad, but the camera I'm using has a really bad macro. Don't forget to leave comments!
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Step 1: Things you will need

Picture of Things you will need
Look at the picture.

Step 2: The base

Picture of The base
Look at the pictures.

Step 3: The throwing arm

Picture of The throwing arm
Look at the pictures.

Step 4: Using it

Picture of Using it
To put it all together:

1. Double-loop the rubber band, then slip it onto the short end of the throwing arm.

2. Put the rubber band onto the base.

3. Put the pivots of the throwing arm into the hooks of the base. The rubber band should hold it firmly in place.

4. Put your fingers as shown in the second picture.

5. Carefully load the paper wad onto the long end of the throwing arm.

6. Let go of the throwing arm and watch the paper wad fly!
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20kdk6 months ago
Always use a jumbo paper clip :)
SpecieS~6 years ago
...and here are the promised pictures:
cool! where did you get the rubber bands?
that's huge!
yourcat (author)  SpecieS~6 years ago
You really stuffed a lot of rubber band on that thing. Looks good!
what on arth is the tool's name woththe flat wide head?
it's only one rubber band i stretched more than only well ;)
Nice, But HOW DO YOU MAKE IT?!?! its almost impossible.
That is a monster! :( I want one...
wow, where the heck did you get all those parts. that must have cost some dollars o_0
i think it didn't cost me much more than 1$ (but more than 2 hours of soldering ;) ). like i said in my first comment, the copper is from an electric cable and i didn't use much of it. the gold colored wire isn't gold i think. (it would be much to expensive and this wire is much harder to bend like gold wire would be)
That's probably brass... Unlikely, but closest. Or it could just be painted on.
awesome how far does it shoot
DUO00371 year ago
soooooo cool!
very clear and awesome instructable
Where did you get the band you used from?
popli9992 years ago
cool dude i made 1 out uv wud

i just found the best ammo!
take some tin foil and rip out a rectangle.
then crumple it up.
wa la it should go pretty far.
thanks for the great instuctable!
Cmonster123 years ago
wrap tape around the end of the throwing arm to make a basket
Cmonster123 years ago
would be easier if you could put a basket on it
Cmonster123 years ago
know i can annoy my friends even more!
This is cool but I had no pliers so it was tricky
this is hard to make!
you are sooo damn right!!!
dash-attack6 years ago
these are kinda blurry is there anyway to make then not so blurry? still awesome tho good job!
yourcat (author)  dash-attack6 years ago
Sorry, I've just got a really bad camera.
No, it's not your camera, it's you. You're not focusing correctly. You can see the background is focused clearly. Don't use such a jumbled background, use something solid. Try to take the picture from as far away as possible and zoom in; getting to0 close to the subject will make it too hard for the lens to focus. If you have a wiry model like this, use a solid object directly next to it to set your focus and have someone remove the object before you snap the shutter.
yourcat (author)  capn_midnight5 years ago
Zooming in would mean I would have to go farther away, so I still can't really do anything.
he is right though
really cool. i dont think i would have thought of making a catapult out of paperclips. and by the way i dont have a cat, i have a dog, lol.
I really liked this, simple and fun (except for the pliers bit but you can't heve everything) good work!
nice. some wires a pancake and some gun powder should do the trick to make it ever
sarcasm man4 years ago
this is awesome! with a little duct-tape and an old bionicle rubber band mine flies pretty far, and its even mini-er!
xmtr4 years ago
i build that thing and when i shot something flies away and pokes my eye so hard
drewboy1904 years ago
mines the wort shape ever but fires about 3 yards without mods! its great! can i plz mod it???
according to CC license by-nc-sa, you can tweak it and whatever, just acknowledge that the guy who originally made it and you can't use it for commercial purposes. also it should be of the same license.
I made a really small one. Lobbed a wad of paper 1 meter. 
The latest in paper clip catapult technology! yourcat, I'm declaring an arms race! 
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