In this Instructable I will show you how to build a neat little catapult. It requires only a few materials and about an hour of your time. This can be made out of foam board, balsa wood, or various other sturdy, but light materials. And it shoots pretty far for a catapult of its size. I got mine to shoot a plastic airsoft BB 27 feet with only 2 rubber bands.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

In order to make this project you need a few household things, such as:

-Utility or X-acto knive
-Straight pin
-Dremel rotary tool (if you are using balsa wood)

-Foam board or balsa wood
-Toothpicks (about 5)
-Super small rubber bands (I used braces rubber bands)
-Super Glue (only if you are using balsa wood)
-Printed out template
<p>make a super small ver. of this thingi need to have a catapult for a castle project</p>
i made one that is a fourth smaller than that one with even a firing mechanism and an adjustable elastic strength system.<br /> ( its the size of a quarter)
<p>i want to know how you did it then</p>
This is a sick pocket-sized weapon for in class!
i am thinking of using ply wood would that be bad and would i have to make any changes to the steps
XD Awesome! 5/5!
&nbsp;Could you give some measurements? &nbsp;I know it's kind of picky, but I'm doing this for a school extra credit project...
Yeah Sure! I'll will try to have and update by&nbsp;october &nbsp;20th
&nbsp;Looks completely perfect!!<br />'Mom....do we have any foam board...why? &nbsp;Um....'
The art of warfare in the palm of your hand! wicked!
You could launch mini little seed bombs with this thing and remember vote for How To Make A Seed Bomb and good luck on the contests!
I'd love to try it!
i like it, nice catapult!

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