Are you boring in the office? Sometimes I prepare pieces of paper to draw something, searching for inspiration, then I crumple it and throw it in the trash bin. Well, I used to play basketball style. Now let's play it in catapult style, shall we? ...

Step 1: What We Need

  1. A box; here I use instant coffee box.
  2. Adhesive tape.
  3. A ruler.

Surely all of this can easily be found around your desk aren't they?

Step 2: The Base

Put your ruler inside the box. Put it diagonally if you see it from the sides. From the bottom left corner to the top right corner. You can use some adhesive tape to stick the ruler to the box to keep its diagonal position.

Step 3: Ready... Set... Go!

Put a target box, that be your trash bin. Well, that box is my trash bin really. Put your crumpled paper on the ruler. Left hand holding the base box. Right hand pressing the ruler and then release it. Toiiing... Did you make a goal?

Well you can adjust the ruler's slope by adding something below the box, a pen, rubber, stapler, any will do. Try with different slope, different pressure and different target distance.

Step 4: Additional Cannon Base

I found a bowl-shape plastic around. It was from a lightbulb box. Then I made holes through it and put the ruler through those holes as you can see from the image above. Then I put something heavy on top of the box and free my left hand. Now I don't need to hold neither the Cannon Ball nor the base box. I just need to aim and shoot :D

<p>looks cool!</p>
Thank you :)<br>But play it at your own risk. Don't get fired because of this project. I am not responsible for that :P
<p>looks cool!</p>
<p>looks cool!</p>

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