Picture of Catapult for Physics Class
I'm a high schooler and female... give me a break. this catapult is pretty bad... but working in school with limited supplies is very difficult. :) I worked in a group with 2 others, and we attempted to build a catapult.

Step 1: Collected Supplies

Picture of Collected Supplies
We used rebar, 7 2"x4" wood planks,  a metal pole, a mental stake (of extremely large proportion), 2 springs, a tin can, a hook, some braces to hold the wood together, and a whole lot of nails :)
madson8121 year ago
Quitarwizard, they look like Utah mountains. Almost every direction you look in that area there's a mountain.
What kinda school do you go to where theres mountains in the background!?!?! P.s.. nice able'!
The one that was invaded at the beginning of Red Dawn :)
Nice graph!
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so... do i get an A? haha
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Go kim! =D lol idk i saw urs and i just randomly posted something
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if your wondering its me alan lol