Catbox Heater





Introduction: Catbox Heater

Make a heated catbox house thingy for those cold winter nights.

Step 1: Materials

Here is a list of materials that you will need.

-Catbox with a door and a top or roof.
-A warm and cozy catbed. hahahahaha
-A pipe heater like the one in my beautiful picture.
-Some scrap styrofoam used as an insulator.
-Some old rags also used as an insulator.
-A roll of duct tape(optional, if your catbox came with vents)
-and of course, a kitty.

Step 2: Assembling

Take the bottom of the catbox and put the styrofoam in it. If the styrofoam doesnt cover the wholebottom of the catbox, than you can cut some scraps of styrofoam and put them into the open space. We dont want those cats to freeze.

Step 3: More Assembling

Put the rags on top of the styrofoam. Then place the heating coil in a spiral on top of the rags. What i did in the first picture was that i was making two heatboxes on 1 heating cord. so i only had half on the heating element to use in each catbox. the second picture with the long heating element, i was making another heatbox for my third cat that is outside.

now place the catbed on top of the heating coil and put the top on. make sure that the sensor is outside of the box so that it senses the cold air and makes the coil warmer.

the last picture is the heating coil going between the two boxes.


Step 4: Troubleshooting

Oops, our door doesnt close. the solution, push the catbed down of course.

my catbox had vents. heat goes through vents and then heat is lost. the solution, put duct tape over it.

Step 5: Happy Kitty



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    20 Discussions

    This would be great for the cats here, it gets so cold in the winter!

    This is great, and I can't wait to try it! Our cat has been spending a lot of time outside (he attacks our young children) but I worry when he doesn't come home at night. I'll feel much better knowing he has a warm spot to go to. Thanks!

    Back when we had dogs in a kennel, we had "outside cats" for rodent control, and put something like this on the front porch for the winter. We used an old fiberglass "dog carrier" that would fit 4-5 cats easily. We stuck a piece of R-max insulation under it, and old towels etc. inside. We heated it with a small-watt bulb, about 25w I think, and covered the outside with a small plastic tarpaulin, to keep the heat in. Seemed to be decently warm inside when I reached inside. In theory, your idea might be better since light bulbs waste a lot of energy giving off light, whereas your heating cord doesn't, and will turn itself off during warm sunny days, too. My only suggestion is that maybe the thermostat part of the cord should be inside, near the ceiling, so it could cut iself off once it got toasty enough inside for the cat (or cats), rather than being constantly on since it's sensing the outside air. Just a thought. If the cat's happy, it's doing its job. I wouldn't worry about those vent holes, either. If the entry is loose enough that the cat can get in and out, he obviously isn't going to suffocate from lack of oxygen. Nice solution, and very well explained. Nice-looking cat, too. He's lucky to have an owner who doesn't just throw him outside and let him figure out how to keep warm.

    make sure you leave some holes so the poor kitty can have some fresh air. If you cover up ALL the holes, Kitty will keep breathing the same air over and over and will eventually run out of oxygen =-(

    how about you guys just leave a commment if you appreciate it, and dont if do dont like it. simple, huh? the reason i have this is because if i let the cat outside near dark, i dont want to have to wait for them before i go to bed. i dont let them stay outside if its -40 though, just if its chilly.

    1 reply

    Mine stay out when it's -40 but they have a larger version of this and it's got R-12 walls and a R-20 roof, and even when it's -40 out the inside temp is around 15 above and a few cats just huddling together can bring it to over 20 above... So I don't feel bad and they are outdoor kitties, they always have been and they always will be ...Indoors yuck, cats are very dirty animals they dig in the litter box and then jump on your counter and walk over every thing, tear up the furniture, spray on the carpet, shed and fill up the air ducts with hair....

    I'm a cat owner -- and I agree. I would like to start a club for people who are abused by their animals. Would you like to join?

    oh come on if you live in a farm setting you plug your tractor in during the cold nights, why not plug your rodent controls in to .... after all a good healthy cat will kill more rodents then a freezing sick cat. and when it's minus 40 out I don't like going outside so why would the cat ... oh that's right it lives outside in it's cat oven (( heated home ))

    Yeah, I agree with the heated poo comment. Other wise, A great idea. Cept im not really a cat person.

    Wow congrats, you made a cat oven, let me know how it tastes.

    3 replies

    What the hell, I'm getting emails about comments on a banned account?!? To to mention your poor ability to poke fun at America's Problem, I sure hope you don't like down in New york.

    Would it not cook the poo essentially making the poo smell worse than it already is? Ha Ha cat oven!!!

    1 reply

    Mmmm..cooked poo. Lol I feel sorry I have two cats and i'm still not crazy!

    Nice Instructable but my kitty just gets on the bed at night and snuggles up to me, keeping me warm:-)

    1 reply

    Yes, I have to say, furry animals make better heaters for us than we could ever make for them. I love my fuzzikins. Omigawd I have weird pets.

    aww why not bring the poor kitty inside to the heated house? :(