Step 3: Euthanize the cockroach

Picture of Euthanize the cockroach
Kill the cockroach by placing it in the freezer. After two to three hours in the freezer, it should be good and dead. Take it out of the freezer and remove the cockroach from the container. Be careful handling it as not to damage it.

(Note: Dr. G says you should always wash your hands after handling cockroaches as they have been known to cause allergies.)

I covered the holes on the top of the salt shaker with a piece of painters tape after concern was raised about placing a cockroach in the freezer with a container that had holes in it. I highly recommend a fully sealable container to circumvent this problem.

pcairic4 years ago
You eat steak

I would reccomend using a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol in a sealable jar with the cockroach.  It kills them in like 10-20 minutes compared to 2-3 hours in the freezer.  It works on all kinds of insects.