Catch a Snow Flake and Keep It Forever





Introduction: Catch a Snow Flake and Keep It Forever

In this instuctable I will tell you how to catch a snowflake and keep it forever.

This instructable is for the Snow challenge.
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Step 1: Gather Items

Items needed:

A Glass slide.
A Cover slip.
A Piece of cardboard.

Step 2: Put Items in Freezer

Place the glass slide, clover slip, cardboard and tweezers in a freezer and wait for approx 1 hour.

Step 3: Put Glue in Freezer

Put glue in freezer 10mins before taking out the slide, slip, cardboard and tweezers.

Step 4: Catch Snowflakes on Cardboard

Once it starts to snow, take the glass slide, slip, cardboard, tweezers and glue from the freezer and head outside.

Stand in your doorway to protect everything from falling snow.

Head out with the cardboard and catch a few snowflakes. Get more than 5 so that you have room for error.

Step 5: Put Snowflake on Slide

With the tweezers gently try to transfer a snowflake to the glass slide.

Put a small drop of glue into the middle of the snowflake.
Immediately place the cover slip on top of the snowflake pushing down very gently.
There should be a little gap between the slide and cover slip so as to not squash the snowflake.

Step 6: Put Slide in the Freezer

Place the slide in the freezer for a minimum of 2 days.
The glue should dry around the snowflakes while they are still frozen.

Step 7: Take Out

When 2 days have passed, it is safe to hold the snowflakes without having them melt.
The slide looks like this under a microsocpe.

This is my first ible any comments are welcome.



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I wonder if this is how Leonard got that snowflake he gave Penny. Very cool. How did you make the microscope photo?

What, pray tell, is a cover slip???

Its the thin cover that comes with the slide to protect what is on it.