Step 7: Take out

Picture of Take out
When 2 days have passed, it is safe to hold the snowflakes without having them melt.
The slide looks like this under a microsocpe.

This is my first ible any comments are welcome.
Luny2 years ago
I wonder if this is how Leonard got that snowflake he gave Penny. Very cool. How did you make the microscope photo?
Attmos3 years ago
kwhitacre3 years ago
Literally, cool...
ntimpanelli3 years ago
I got really lucky last Feb. and caught this flake on my mailbox. You need to go out while it's snowing that really fine, cold snow and you should be able to find flakes on surfaces.
tw2sheds3 years ago
I got a snowflake preservation kit when I was a kid from the Edmund Scientific Catalog (had a lot of neat things but expensive) and I seem to remember that you would freeze the slides, go catch the flakes on the cold slides and then drop the preserving stuff on them. Didn't have the patience and snowfall opportunity at the same and only got a couple of partial flakes.
seymore9253 years ago
Simply phenomenal. You've got my vote.
sherbar3 years ago
I am a hobbist photographer & have always wanted to photograph snowflakes but have had no luck. Your awesome method might be the answer to my quandry. Thanks so much for sharing!
mdog933 years ago
can you just catch the snowflake directly on the glass slide?
lunashadow3 years ago
Too Coooooool!! Well Done!
tenkara3 years ago
This is so incredibly cool. I've thought of this off and on ever since I saw it on TBBT. Since my wife and I were married on a Christmas tree farm in December, this would be a perfect gift.
Jeff Yates3 years ago
Excellent. Gets my vote. Well done.
barbiejz3 years ago
Can't wait to try this! great instructable :)
lunchweek3 years ago
Great instructable! I'll try this soon.