Introduction: Catch the Fly

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Build this funny toy with you child or do it yourself for your own fun (if you have one of that boring days and just happened to finish the toilet paper).

Test your ability to catch the fly and be a frog for a day.

Step 1: You Need:

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- 1 toilet paper roll (for the frog's body)

- 1 piece of thin cardboard like the one of a cereal box (for the frog's legs and the fly)

- 40-50 cm of twine

- scissor

- colors (acrylic or marker pens to decorate)

- 1 pen/pencil to draw

- some glue or tape

Step 2: Get Started

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1 - Close one end of the roll using some glue or a stapler.

2 - Draw on the thin piece of cardboard two frog's legs - one bigger than the other - and a fly.

3 - Cut the figures and use each leg to draw the twin one. It is easier to do so to obtain same looking legs. If you feel confident just draw them and then cut them using the scissor.

Step 3: Let's Paint

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4) Once you have all your pieces (4 legs, 1 fly and 1 roll) paint them as you wish.

I used some green acrylic colors for the frog's body, black and white for the eyes and red-pink for the mouth.

You can use all color you want, don 't limit your creativity and create your own colorful tropical frog and insect.

Instead of using acrylic, you or your kid can use also some marker pens (easier job).

Step 4: Glue the Parts

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5) Using some glue (hot glue, superglue - watch out your fingers) or some normal tape, attached the legs to the roll. Put the bigger one on the back and the little ones in the front of the roll.

Tape or glue one end of the cord inside the roll and on the other end fix the fly.

6) ENJOY :) and try to get the fly in the frog's mouth.


Riffifi (author)2017-04-11

how do you play this game? same than a cup-and-ball game, or do you pull the string?

Kosmosss (author)Riffifi2017-04-12

It is the same than Cup and ball game :)

if you like you could also

- add a little weight behind the fly, like a kid's bead to make it easier to catch.

- make the wire longer (only if you put the beads otherwise it will not work well)

Let me know!

Swansong (author)2017-04-10

That's really cute :) It would be a great kids' craft!

Kosmosss (author)Swansong2017-04-11

Thanks Swansong! :) I am really glad you like it.

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