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What happens to a very hungry caterpillar?  Why, she turns in to a beautiful butterfly!  I came up with the idea for this costume after giggling at my six month old in her sleep sack.  She sleeps in these 'wearable blankets.'  Basically a sack with armholes and a zipper up the front.  We joke that she looks like a glow worm.  I decided that she needed to be a caterpillar for Halloween.  When else can I dress her up in a bunting costume like this?  Never.  She'll be mobile soon enough.  Anyway, after thinking about the caterpillar costume for a while I decided she needed to be a caterpillar that turns in to a butterfly.  Even better.  So I set about figuring out how to make her costume convertible.

Step 1:

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First thing I did was make a paper pattern.  I traced one of her sleep sacks.  Just one pattern piece.  The back is cut on the fold, front pieces I added seam allowance for a zipper.  Then I drew out the pattern pieces for the wings.  I just used my pattern piece for the bunting for size comparison.  I added an extension to the wings to allow them to be stitched to the back of the bunting.
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imbiglarry1 year ago
Too cute!
lizajanesews (author)  imbiglarry1 year ago
Thank you!
Adorable. Loved the chomped on leaf =)
lizajanesews (author)  cdawisconsin1 year ago
That chomped leaf is probably my favorite part :) Thanks so much!
n33r1 year ago
The Caterpillar/Butterfly seems really Hungry :P !!!
Really great job & very creative idea !!
lizajanesews (author)  n33r1 year ago
She is!! Thanks so much :)
kyluddy1 year ago
That is so creative and cute!!! :)
lizajanesews (author)  kyluddy1 year ago
Thanks! :)
Adorable! Those wings are beautiful!
lizajanesews (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Thank you!