Introduction: Catfishing!

I found a way to make playing with your cat much more exciting for the both of you. My cat loves it, and its sort of fun for me too. Plus, if you fish, this could be a way to work on your casting and play with your cat at the same time. Maybe...

Step 1: Materials

To make your catfishing pole, you need...
a fishing pole you're willing to cut the hook off of
a small cat toy (dingle ball. fake mouse, etc.)
your cat

Step 2: Cutting Off the Hook

First you need to cut off the hook. You need to do this unless you want to hurt your cat, which I'm sure you don't want to do. Just cut the string off right above the hook so you have enough string to tie a knot.

Step 3: Attaching the Toy

Tie the fishing line around some part of the toy, just make sure that it won't come off when your cat is playing with it. I suggest double or tripple knotting it.

Step 4: You're Done!

Wasn't that easy? Now you can control where the toy goes and have your cat chase it all the way!



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    i agree with thathurtthistime it happend to my cat luckly i was there ( godbless your kittys ) what? i love kittys

    You shouldnt leave your cat unattended with this. We made one a few years ago and left for the weekend(we had set it up in a chair, the cats loved it) and we came back to find my cat, Tiger, at the end of it with the line around his neck :*(

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    I love cats

    You stole my cat! That cat looks exactly like mine, except that mine is a bit darker and has a white patch on his nose...

    1 reply

    By the way, he loves the fishing pole too...

    I like this idea. I did it w/ my incredibly unused fishing pole and one of those feather toys. all my cats love it.

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    i cant belive noone has posted... cute cat man!

    Dear god. My cats have no idea the world of fun that has just opened up to them.

    It works with dogs, they play fetch, remember? keep in mind that dogs love to play tug of war, so don't let them catch it. You can also fish for ducks/geese with bits of bread on the end, or you can put a dollar and some lead sinkers on the end and fish for people.

    have you ever wondered about doing this in a whole room full of cats and have catnip on the toy anywho i wonder if this would work on dogs but with a dog toy

    Nice work, and that's an adorable Birman you have there!

    Lol! I can imagine making one of these and sending it straight into a neighbor's dog house xD. I'll have to work on my casting _.

    i love this idea (with the coolness)

    i thought you were going to teach us how to fish for catfish lol smart though


    my cat loves doing this she also likes chasing lasers :)