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Introduction: Cats Musical Costume

Hi everyone! This is a costume I made based on the musical Cats. I made it by painting a unitard with fabric paints, knitting the arm and leg  warmers, tying the yarn onto a cord base to make the tail, painting my face in the style of the musical, and making the wig out of yarn (as per my Instructable on how to make a Cats wig, ). I wore this costume on Halloween at my church's harvest festival, and all the kids loved my costume. It was very rewarding to make such an intricate and unusual costume on my own.



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I would really like to make this but I have no clue how to make the tail, can someone help me out here?

Hello melgre2,

I'm Kaori. I'm studying in Japan cloth academy. I'm very interested in making musical costumes. In the future, I want to work for sewing of musicals.

Now I'm seeking a opportunity to be an intern for sewing of musicals. And I found your name in the instructables site. So I sent the email to you.

I was playing dance from 6 years old to 22 years old. So I like to think about costumes which are good for dance. And when I watched CHICAGO, phantom of the opera, Mamma-Mia! Ten years ago in our family vacation, I was shocked the power of ENTERTAINMENT.
And I decided to be going to work there anyway.
So I'm seeking the opportunity. If you know anything, it's very helpful for me.

Would you have any information?


How did you paint the unitard? Did you stuff it with bags or use a manikin or something else? Also, where did you find fur to glue on? Oh, and I absolutely love it! I'm thinking about doing something like this also. :)

Wow. This looks great! I am re doing my white tiger costume this year to look more like the a Cats-musical costume. I love the whole costume you made. Sadly I am cheating on the warmers...I am crocheting instead of knitting. I can tell you worked very hard on it!

How did you make your tail for the cats outfit. The leotard and the panty hose cap had instructions but not the tail. I made this for my daughter and she was a hit when she wore it. But the tail that I made did not resemble a cats tail.


How did you get the ruffle stuff attached to the unitard? The stuff thats around the shoulder area. Also what is it actually that you used?? Looks awesome by the way :)

I am currently a competitive dancer and we are doing a routine to Jellicle Ball. Could you make me one? This looks so authentic, and it would look great. Just let me know if you want to! I need to know a price, but I would love to have one like this. Or if you are interested in selling this one, let me know.

I don't really have much time right now, as I'm starting college in a week. However, I will point you towards some other Cats costumers who may be able to help you.

^That is a link to the commissions forum on the CCDB. If you look around there, I guarantee you will find someone who has had much more experience costuming than I have who will be able to make you a costume.

Thank you!!!

That looks so much like the real thing!