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Cauliflower+oil+bit of water+salt+pepper+garlic in a pan for 10 mins. Add creme fraiche and put in oven dish at about 190 Celsius. Bake minced meat with concentrated tomato and some salt. Put on top of oven dish. Leave for 20 mins and top with cheese the last 5 mins.


Howi (author)2013-09-15

Looks and sounds nice, but VERY light on instructions. Try listing the ingredients out including quantities, and use several steps for the method (with pics if possible)

MPalokaj (author)Howi2013-09-15

Hehe, I take a Tim Ferris like style approach to cooking. There are no exact quantities or complex instructions. It is literally as easy as putting everything in a pan for 10 minutes, adding creme fraiche putting everything in a dish and putting it in the oven :)

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