Introduction: Caulking in Tight Spaces

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Simple tube extension to direct caulk where you want it.


tony33770 (author)2012-07-29

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tony33770 (author)2012-07-28

Stay in touch revising post.

heathbar64 (author)2012-07-28

What kind of tube did you use that would stand up to the clamp pressure?

tony33770 (author)heathbar642012-07-28

Standard 1/4" plastic water supply tubing, I will clarify my posting, tubing has to be INSERTED into cartridge spout for the system to work. Clamp is directly on cartridge spout, normally on effluent you want the tube on the exterior, but found it did not work.
Thanks for your inquiry.

rimar2000 (author)2012-07-27

Clever idea!

tony33770 (author)rimar20002012-07-27

Thank you - I see you have been busy with many great ideas.

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