Picture of Cavern Candle / Vela caverna
Enjoy recycling wax and get surprised with the amazing results of the Cavern Candle. Easy and very cheap!

Here you find the instructable that inspired me: How to make Candles!

Please, post your creations to enjoy them. Thanks!

SAFETY ADVICE: This instructable uses sharp tools and involves fire. Be careful about it. If you are not sure how to use, don't continue. For kids, it is MANDATORY adult supervision and help.

  • CANDLE SAFETY RULES (please, attach to your candle if you give it as present)
  • DO NOT LEAVE candle unattended, or close to children.
  • DO NOT PLACE on small places, in draughts or burn them near flammable material.
  • BE AWARE of the surface you are placing the candle on: their containers/holders can reach high temperatures, which could scorch furniture or even melt the surface they are placed on.
  • MAKE SURE the candle is properly extinguished after use. Never use water.
  • DO NOT MOVE burning or just extinguished candles, specially for this kind of candles.

Pincha aqui para la version en espannol

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Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials
This is a kitchen work so... welcome to my kitchen!

You will need:

1. Some old candles/wax.
2. Wick (I get this from another old candle).
3. Wax crayons.
4. Double boiler / saucepan and jar.
5. Ice (prepared before).
6. Empty brik (juice, milk or whatever).
7. Chopping knife and board.
8. Stick (not in photo, sorry).
9. Plastic bag (not in photo, sorry again).

And, of course, you will need also a cooker and some water...

Step 2: Cut up wax into pieces

Picture of Cut up wax into pieces
Remove plastic protection from old candles and cut up wax into pieces. Don't worry if wax has soot, but discard big dirty parts.

Then, if needed, extract carefully the wick from an old candle.
Very cool I like this alot i tried it and im going to post a DIY of my variation of this with a twist and i will put u in a link to and give u credit very good idea!!!
ansanma (author)  jjdjustforfun3 years ago
Great! Please, post here the link so everyone can read your variation.
I remember making these in Camp Fire Girls about 40 years ago! Thanks for the happy memory and for teaching this technique to the techno-generation.
Pat_Maroney4 years ago
I've also heard this works really well with snow instead of ice. Or will the snow melt before it has a chance to make spaces in the wax?
ansanma (author)  Pat_Maroney4 years ago
Maybe! Just try and come back with a picture of your results...
javipz4 years ago
 ey! que alegría un instructable en castellano! Curiosamente mi primer instructable fue un motor DC, y el único que se quejó de que lo hicera en castellano era un argentino. 

Le expliqué que ninguna gran web, youtube, google, facebook etc, empezó en castellano, por gente como nosotros que ponen los contenidos en nuestro idioma es cuando se genera un trafico de hispanohablantes sin el cual, los webmasters no se pensarían abrir el sitio a otro idioma. 

No obstante para proyectos originales como este, está bien hacerlo en dos idiomas. Como motores DC aquí hay a patadas, no me molesté en traducir el mio. 

Nada más, solo añadir que esto me parece muy original y algún día lo haré como regalo original. Ánimo que poco a poco iremos creando comunidad en castellano. ;-) 

Un saludo!
ansanma (author)  javipz4 years ago
Gracias, esperemos que algún día exista la comunidad en español. Pon una foto de tu vela si algún día lo haces. ¡Saludos!
I like the idea of turning it over to get the cool effects of the ice while having a secure base for hot wax to collect on. Very nice. (:
gokusillo5 years ago
Genial ya no utilizo el traductor de google jajaja, gracias por el aporte, las velas estan geniales!
nabboo5 years ago
hi!!! it looks really cool!!!i had some problems with the water,it spilled over to the ball with the wax when i did the i used a cloth,to stop the water from jumping out.

Kaiven6 years ago
Very cool.
acaz936 years ago
buena idea de separar el instructable , asi los gabachos ya no se quejaran
ansanma (author)  acaz936 years ago
Esperemos que en Instructables se den cuenta de que hace falta una herramienta para generar instructables en varios idiomas. Mientras tanto hay que hacer esto, o incluir en cada paso los dos idiomas...
acaz93 ansanma6 years ago
eso es buena idea , deberias decirle a ewillhelm ( uno de los admins de aqui )
mikeasaurus6 years ago
I've been doing this to my candles for years, I'm so amazed that I missed the oppertunity to do an instructable on it. Good job Ansanma! I like it! I suggestion thought about the layout: maybe do each step with both languages instead of a complete instructable in both Spanish and English. Great Instructable! Innovative, and of course you're recycling! Stars given!
ansanma (author)  mikeasaurus6 years ago
Thank you for your comments, mikesaurus! I hope you will post some photos of your work, just to show more examples to other people... I have other instructables with both languages in each step, but some people noticed me that is so confusing, so I decided to split but inside the same instructable (I got the idea from another English-French instructable).