Cayenne is an app for smartphones and computers that allows you to control the Raspberry Pi and soon also the Arduino through the use of an elegant graphical interface and a solid nice communication protocol.

The features are:

  • Add and remotely control sensors, motors, actuators, GPIO boards, and more
  • Customizable dashboards with drag-and-drop widgets for connection devices
  • Create triggers and threshold alerts for devices, events, and actions
  • Schedule one-time or multi-device events for easy automation
  • Quick and easy setup - connect your Pi in minutes

Step 1: Sign Up to Cayenne

Go to Cayenne site and Sign Up. After download the file and install the Cayenne system on your Raspberry Pi.

Cayenne IoT Simple

Download the app on your Smartphone or tablet by using the follows link

Cayenne on Apple Store

Cayenne on Play Store

Install on your Raspberry Pi the Raspbian system. For this step download NOOBS from Raspberripi.org: https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/

Copy the package on your SD, and start the Raspbian installation. For the raspbian installation I recomend to use a HDMI screen, a USB mouse and a USB keyboard.

Need a Raspberry Pi?

After this, connect your Raspberry at your LAN by cable. Then open your Cayenne app and install the library on your device. The next step.

<p>how to reconnect raspberry pi with cayene after disconnecting from cayene.</p><p>please help me </p>
Hi,<br>try to find your answer here: <br>http://community.mydevices.com/t/wecome-to-the-mydevices-cayenne-community-forum/20
Sorry it took a little while, I contacted Cayenne directly and asked them and it took them some time to answer. While you are correct that it&rsquo;s possible to set up scheduled events within Cayenne, there&rsquo;s not currently a way of setting a piece of timer-enabled hardware to trigger an action. But the developers are always looking for feature ideas, so if you let them know in the forum, they can try to add that feature! http://community.mydevices.com/
<p>any chance cayenne would support timers? Not the event or schedule, but actual timing of triggered pins? </p>

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