Picture of Cd Cube lights
These are cheap and easy to make. And if you get a few of them just as cheaply you can put a candle or a few leds in them and hang them in your garden or at you party.

X6 Cd's or DVD's

Pencil or Pen
Dremel - with a cut off wheel

Any sort of light:
light bulb
even a candle if you leave a side off

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Step 1: The corners

Picture of The corners
The corners:
First of all line the protractor up with the middle of one of the cd's and use the pencil to mark a line every 90 degrees to the edge of the cd.

Step 2: The lines

Picture of The lines
The lines:
Now simply use the ruler to make a square out of the four dot's in the corners
On each of the lines Measure and mark 5cm from the left corner.

Step 3: The cut

Picture of The cut
The cut:
And finally cut the 5cm line out.

Repeat 6 times!

see pictures if you dont get it.

Step 4: Imposible to easy

Picture of imposible to easy
Impossible to easy:
It is extremely hard if not impossible to put the cube together like this with out breaking it so here is how to:

With 4 cds make a cube that is missing both it top and bottom.
Then with the 2 remaining cds complete 2 of the cuts opposite to each other.

Before you finish put the light's in the middle !!!!

And simply slide the last 2 cds on to the top and bottom of the cube and you are finished

Motoraton5 years ago
Great job!!!! Ypu have my vote!!
thelastonekills (author)  Motoraton5 years ago
cool thanks!