Step 7: Test it out!

Picture of Test it out!
This was my prototype so I was done, it will get remade and have a lock and probably be metal and tougher and include a security device to keep the cd's from sliding out.

Thats about it. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated, just leave comments!
Laurinlewis2 years ago
Bravo! Such a great idea. I would love to build a few of them. I could use them for selling CD's for leaning Engish. But I don't quite understand how the grabbing mechanism works. Would you have some more explanation available? Also, it doesn't seem that a used coin slide is so easy to find. I have searched on the net, and all I can find are laudromat coin slides. Any idea?
S01dier903 years ago
I had an awesome idea to stop the cds from falling out. Either use from stiff bristles or more gasket material with many slits that the cd can easily be pushed out of. As for the lock that is fairly easy, get a lock from a lockbox or a cheap one and mount it in the top.
Very cool idea. Maybe something on the in stroke that opens a security door. and the pull dispenses and closes the Door.