Cheap/ Free DIY Airsoft Armor (Dragonskin)





Introduction: Cheap/ Free DIY Airsoft Armor (Dragonskin)

This instructable is for people who do not have much money, who want a decent armored vest for a pickup game of airsoft. This is NOT for people in a tournament getting shot by 400 fps rifles. If you and your friends are using an AEG rifle or GBB pistol  this armor is for you. I GOT THIS IDEA FROM THIS INSTRUCTABLE >

Step 1: First, Find a Nice Huge Refrigerator or Television Box.

After you have found a nice thick corrugated cardboard box, cut it into two large chest sized pieces. Then, draw a simple egg shape in the corner of one of the pieces... cut it out, then use is as a template to trace the shape about 20 times over. Use the box to get as many little egg pucks as possible. Do not space out too far, save the environment :)

Step 2: Two, Put It Together!

After cutting out the egg pucks, space them out in an overlapped order, depending on how big of a person you are. Hot Glue them onto the other chest sized piece of cardboard you cut out before.Obviously the larger you are, the more little pucks you will need. This armor is made to withstand multiple shots, just like the real thing, so the more pucks= more protection. 

Step 3: Finishing Touches...

If you like, you can add a layer of scrap foam underneath the cardboard for added protection. And if you want back protection, just repeat the steps and flip it to fit your back. When you are done with the cardboard portion of your armor, you can attach it to any vest or jacket by any means you feel are necessary. You can sew them in the lining, or you can simply duct tape them, depending on the level of quality you want.




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Why couldn't you have placed the disks as shown in this photo:

You get an extra layer or two to the two layers you already have, whilst still retaining the same thickness.

would this work for paintball? or would those go right through it? because those may be over 400fps but theyre larger meaning a wider pressure point. whats your take on this?

Ok, I like the look, but I think that it would work generally better if you made a suit of the scrap foam instead.

I Made Something Like This Once Only With Electrical Tape And Index Cards During: "The Graet Shock War" We Called It Eel Skin
P.S. Everyone Was Jealous Because It Could Take "Camera Grenade" Shocks

hmm, what if you use a hammer to flatten soda/ beer bottle caps. then use that. or you could use coins for the scales

What about the weight of it overall though?

gonna be heavy but worth it, be cause it should work good enough, I plan to do so for a stab proof vest. but still in lack of time and resources. imagine, when's the last time you stabbed through a coin?

for only the chest part? im estimating 5 kilos? but hey you can keep it for things like the london riots. not sure but could either slow a small caliber bullet or block it. hollow points at least. those FMJ like what the AK47 use can go through steel. aluminium is not some kinda magic metal but its quite strong

Nice! This will look even better when I spray paint it. How well does it stop bb's? And at what range?