Looking for a small item that will make your house pop with both color and a conversation piece? The Cedar Picture Frame is your answer! Built from a hardy Cedar Tree, this frame will last for centuries to come. This piece will add an old time rustic western appeal to your home, while showing off your priceless family photos as well. This frame is based on a 4" x 6" photo, but depending on the size diameter of the cedar trunk, determines what size photo you can put on the frame. All in all, excluding dry time, you can make approximately 10 of these Cedar Picture Frames in under 2 hours!

Tools Required:
     Chain Saw
     Pressure Washer
     Finishing Sander
     60 Grit Sanding Paper
     1/8" Drill Bit 
     90 Degree Grinder with Sanding Disc
     Lineman's Pliers
     Needle Nose Pliers
     Paint Brush
     Flat Head Screwdriver
     Safety Glasses

Materials Required:
     (1) Cedar Tree
     (1) Roll of Rusty Barbed Wire
     (8) Finishing Nails
     (1) Roll of 1/4" Leather ( or similar size )
     (1) Roll of Fencing Wire
     (1) Quart of Polyurethane Clear Gloss Varnish
     (1) Can of Gloss Protective Enamel Spray Paint

I cannot be held liable or responsible for any accidents involved in making the described Cedar Picture Frame. All persons assume the risk of injury or death when working with power tools, especially when using the chain saw to cut down a cedar tree. When using any type of tool, it is recommended to wear safety glasses and gloves to protect yourself from potential harm. Also, never directly or indirectly inhale the vapor fumes from either the spray paint or varnish for extended periods of time.

Step 1: Locate and Peel

1) The first step you need to take to make a Cedar Picture Frame is to locate a cedar tree to start with. You can go out to your backyard and chop a cedar down, go to the cedar lumberyard, or you can obtain written permission from another land owner to go on their land to cut down a cedar tree. A few days before I had the idea of making a photo frame, I chopped down a tree for a Cedar Tree Coat Rack. I went back for the remainder of the trunk I left previously and cut it close to the ground with my chain saw. Remember to always wear proper safety equipment when working with any kind of power tool ( safety glasses, gloves ).

2) After you have acquired your cedar log, you need to check for any remaining branches. If there are any branches left on the log, you will need to cut them flush to the cedar with your chainsaw.

3) For this step you will need a pressure washer. Using the pressure washer, try and strip off the bark from the cedar log. I like to use a 0 degree nozzle when doing this, so it penetrates the bark faster then, say, a 40 degree nozzle would. It is easier to start on one end of the log, slowly working your way up to the other end. Once you see the golden brown color of the cedar you know that is the end of the bark. Stop work, until the cedar is pretty dry; this took around two hours in full Texas sun, when I was making this project.

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