Picture of Cedar Tree Coat Rack
   If you're looking for that one can't-live-without rustic western piece for your home, then the Cedar Tree Coat Rack is a must have for you. After all things accounted for without including the dry time, I only spent four hours in the making of this furniture piece! This Cedar Coat Rack can work as a functioning coat rack, or could just be a stand alone western decor for your home. This is a great way to bring the outdoors in. The cedar tree is known to be both drought and bug resistant, meaning you will bring zero bugs into your home, including no termites as well. This hardy Cedar Tree Coat Rack would look great in just about any home setting and can serve as a great conversation starter! 

Tools Required:
     Chain Saw
     Finishing Sander
     60 Grit Sanding Paper
     7/16" Drill Bit ( at least 6" long )
     90 Degree Grinder with Sanding Disc
     1/2" Wrench or Socket w/ Ratchet
     Pressure Washer
     Two Saw Horses
     Paint Brush
     Flat Head Screwdriver
     Welding Helmet
     Safety Glasses

Materials Required:
     (1) Cedar Tree
     (1) 1/2" x 6" Lag Screw
     (1) 1/2" Washer
     (1) 3/4" Washer
     (1) 20" Plow Disc - ( Can be bought at Tractor Supply Co. )
     (1) Can of Black Gloss Spray Paint
     (1) Quart of Polyurethane Clear Gloss Varnish

I cannot be held liable or responsible for any accidents involved in making the described Cedar Tree Coat Rack. All persons assume the risk of injury or death when working with power tools, especially when using the chain saw to cut down a cedar tree. When using any type of tool, it is recommended to wear safety glasses and gloves to protect yourself from potential harm. Always wear a welding helmet or hood while welding. Also, never directly or indirectly inhale the vapor fumes from either the spray paint or varnish for extended periods of time. 

Noooo, it's naked!
4626Gman (author)  explosivemaker2 years ago
haha do what?
I've never seen anyone do this to a tree. Maybe it's just the color balance, but it looks so strange. I would have either left the bark on or stained it to tone it down. Not quite as dark as this one though...

uploader is being an idiot....

4626Gman (author)  explosivemaker2 years ago
Yes, but that is the beauty in it. It is a cedar tree, and people here in Texas love the look of the cedar when its bark is stripped. I don't know if you can notice in the picture or not, but if you look at where some of the branches have been cut, you can see a dark red, which is the cedar trees' most appealing look that people want to see. Where are you from if I might ask?
Interesting. The color balance seemed a bit off, it probably looks better in person.

Up here in the magical mitten, we've got a few trees. Ha.
4626Gman (author)  explosivemaker2 years ago
Haha alrighty, never heard of the magical mitten before but ok. Take care man

(and no, not wisonsin....they tried to steal that)
4626Gman (author)  explosivemaker2 years ago
Haha Michigan? I think I got you now.... Well that explains why you think the tree is naked, yall have never seen anything when its not wearing a coat! Haha sorry had to poke fun but yaa
4626Gman (author) 2 years ago
Here is another coat rack I have done, it shows off more of the beautiful red grains then my first cedar. Feel free to comment :)

Neversmmr2 years ago
Appreciate the info, I've got a spot where there are some nice red cedar so I'm gonna have to give er a try
4626Gman (author)  Neversmmr2 years ago
Welcome and awesome! Good luck to ya
Neversmmr2 years ago
So in the end how much would you say it weighs with the disc plate n all?
4626Gman (author)  Neversmmr2 years ago
Mainly depends on how big of a cedar tree you plan on mounting... The coat rack for this project weighed around 175 pounds with everything, disc plate and all.
pretty cool, I have been thinking of doing something like this myself
4626Gman (author)  sseeterflamuelli2 years ago
Thanks, you should definitely try to build it, because in the end its well worth the time and effort