Introduction: Ceiling Fan in Minecraft PE

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Hi guys! This is another SUPER EASY instructable on how to make a celling fan! Hope you enjoy!! Good luck! :)


1. Stone Bricks (1)
2. Oak fence (1)
3. Oak log (1)
4. Trapdoors (4)

Step 1: Place One Stone Brick

Picture of Place One Stone Brick

Place it on the celling

Step 2: Put a Fence

Picture of Put a Fence

Put it beneath the stone brick

Step 3: Put One Oak Log

Picture of Put One Oak Log

Put it beneath the fence

Step 4: Put Four Trapdoors

Picture of Put Four Trapdoors

Put it around the oak log

Step 5: Done! :)

Picture of Done! :)

Thank you for looking at my instructable! Make sure you COMMENT what i should do next and FOLLOW me because I have a goal to have ten followers and so far i think i have nine! Also, it would be awesome if you would like this instructable too. And if u do all three, then UR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks anyways and good luck!



random_builder (author)2016-06-02

that looks pretty real

Cool and thanks. I only play the pe version and there isn't many.

me too! 0.12.1

chipalip100 (author)2015-02-16

looks great. by the way it is not stone bricks it it chiseled stone

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