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Storage containers are suspended between the floor joists via 1" x 2" wood bars and metal brackets.

1) Cut the wood bars 17.5" long.
2) Bend the bracket in a "Z" making sure that one of the holes will line up to attach to the joist
3) Screw the first wood bar the joists with wood screws.
4) Screw the metal bracket 9.5" away from the stationary bar
5) Hang a wood bar from the bracket and screw a hole into the bar where the hole in the bracket falls.
6) Screw in an eye screw to prevent the bar from slipping out of the bracket.
7) If you are installing more containers, leave a 12" gap between the removable bar and the next stationary bar so it will swivel down without getting stuck on its neighbor.
8) put in a long wood screw between the containers to prevent them from sliding back and forth in their space when a neighbor container is retrieved. 


Vizors Down (author)2016-04-06

I fell this would encourage hoarding :)

It's a great idea for unused space!

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