Picture of Celebrate Halloween With K'nex This Year!
Halloween is always a fun time of year! Whether you're decorating, making special recipes, or just spending the night out Trick-Or-Treating, All Hallows Eve is a great excuse to be creative!

This year, try changing it up by creating Halloween stuff from a favorite kid's toy: K'nex! With K'nex you can create spooky graveyards, Halloween creatures, masks, and other decorations! Here are just a few or the infinite ideas that can help make your Halloween K'nextra special!
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Step 1: Spooky Graveyard

Picture of Spooky Graveyard
The ghost and ghouls come out late at night in this spooky K'nex graveyard! Make the cemetery of your nightmares with a simple layout made of strategically placed K'nex pieces! With green connectors as bushes, grey pieces as tombstones, and light grey corner pieces as ghosts and goblins, this special scare zone us guaranteed to creep out your visitors!

Step 2: Abnormal Alien

Picture of Abnormal Alien
Convince your neighborhood they are under attack from the outside with this Abnormal alien mask! Made almost entirely of green bendy rods, this mask allows great visibility while allowing you to pursue your extraterrestrial goals. With this mask on, you will find out who "your leader" is in no time!

Step 3: Table Of DOOM

Picture of Table Of DOOM
Take your anger out on a mini skeleton with this tiny saw table! Nothing says macabre like a full set of whirring blades! Use rubber bands to keep your victim from getting away, and listen to the nonexistent scream as you make the first cuts...

Step 4: Scary Bat

Picture of Scary Bat
This vampire bat is ready to soar with a few simple K'nex orange bendy rods! Nothing is safe from the onslaught of the bats as they fly through the air, screeching and echo-locating their way into your nightmares! Beware when you build them!

Step 5: Freaky Friends

Picture of Freaky Friends
This skeleton, pumpkin, and spider trio is the best of friends! All of which being easy to build, these friendly freaks can make your Halloween party a bit more festive! For the spider, add cotton balls to act as webs and give this seven-lagged arachnid a nice new home!
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this one is pretty good!
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dude I like the way that u explain them. it makes it sound like a TV ad!
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