Halloween is always a fun time of year! Whether you're decorating, making special recipes, or just spending the night out Trick-Or-Treating, All Hallows Eve is a great excuse to be creative!

This year, try changing it up by creating Halloween stuff from a favorite kid's toy: K'nex! With K'nex you can create spooky graveyards, Halloween creatures, masks, and other decorations! Here are just a few or the infinite ideas that can help make your Halloween K'nextra special!

Step 1: Spooky Graveyard

The ghost and ghouls come out late at night in this spooky K'nex graveyard! Make the cemetery of your nightmares with a simple layout made of strategically placed K'nex pieces! With green connectors as bushes, grey pieces as tombstones, and light grey corner pieces as ghosts and goblins, this special scare zone us guaranteed to creep out your visitors!
this one is pretty good!
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dude I like the way that u explain them. it makes it sound like a TV ad!
Haha lol I try to &quot;catch people's interest&quot; with my intros, so to speak.<br><br>Thanks! :)
dude this is beast!
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