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Introduction: Celebrate Your Love...

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...any excuse for an explosion!

Step 1: A Little Delicate Work.

Take a decent-sized tin with a fairly snug lid.

Use a hammer and a nail to punch a hole in the middle of the lid and the bottom of the tin. Use the same hammer to flatten the sharp bits (health and safety, don'tcha know).

Step 2: Just Do It!

Use a handy (unlit) bunsen as a delivery tube to give a good dose of methane to the tin (about 20 seconds).

Stand the tin on something that lets air get to the hole underneath (if you don't have a tripod in your laboratory, or you don't have a laboratory of your own, use two bricks side-by-side with a gap between).

Wave a lighter over the top hole. The gas will light.

Watch the flame. As long as you can see the flame, it will just burn like a lamp. Eventually, though, the flame will turn blue, shrink, and disappear down into the tin.

At that point... >>>BANG!<<<



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    ooo yeh my dad has like three blowtorches! didnt they do this on mythbusters though? with pringles?

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    They did something like this, but with hydrogen and oxygen.

    Lol isnt methane fart.... hey i dont have a butane thing, do u know how else i can do this?

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    You could fart in the tin? Methane is also mains gas, which is what I used. If you can't pipe mains gas to the tin, then you do really need to buy a blowtorch and use that (unlit) to fill the tin.

    Even more fun when the kids go home and I have the lab to myself!

    I did this years ago with old Tupperware, butane and a match on a stick :P

    How it works:

    When you fill the container with gas, you also displace oxygen (from air) required for combustion. Slowly, the gas escapes out of the top hole which can be lighted like a gas lamp. As the gas escaped, oxygen slowly enters the container through the bottom hole until the air/fuel mixture becomes combustible. At this point, Ka-boom :)

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    They did this on mythbusters with hydrogen and a tube of pringles

    you see the one where, just for fun, they bubbled some methane up through soapy waater then lighted the foam?

    I've done that, but it's not much of a bang. It's better if you electrolyse water, direct the gases into a plastic bag, then chuck a burning splint at it.

    my science teacher did that once, on top of a cupboard full of laptop computers, next to a very large plate-glass window.

    no, it's more of a burning thing...

    yea i did. it was a like a flaming balloon at the end

    You know -- I haven't seen that one :P That's actually one of two things on TV that I watch regularly :P

    I did not get this trick to work with butane. Being more dense than air it drops out the bottom, leading to dissapointment... If you did get this to work with butane please give me your spec's

    The solution is liquid butane ;) If you fill enough of your container with liquid butane, it will make a mostly closed container (minus too small holes) slightly pressurized as the fuel boils. Light the top. If there's enough pressure, it will light. Because the top is burning, it will create a small convection current inside the container. I used a small flat sandwich container - and I "burped" it. So I could see when the fuel expanded (the lid would pop up -- "un-burp"). It didn't work well for me at first -- it was out of frustration that I stupidly added a lot of liquid fuel :/

    Great instructable, just curious--What's up with your video synchronization? all of your videos seem to have the audio lagging behind by about three seconds...am I the only one with that problem?

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    I have no idea why, but it happens to all the videos I've uploaded, no matter what PC I watch them on - they're fine right up until I upload them to YouTube. Anybody know a fix for that?

    Safer to use a bit of water inside a tin with no holes in the lid. Less easy to time but the expanding gases still pop the lid off. We do this with coffee tins (the solid metal type) and stick them on the fire at scouts.