Step 9: Let There Be Baubles!

Knitting baubles is very easy! I used a Jean Greenhowe pattern and adapted it.
What a great idea. I have a tree with patriotic ornaments but never thought of knitting some. Very inspiring.
Very nice. I am a crocheter myself, but these make me want to figure out knitting again. Do we get any of the patterns?
Kitewife reads <em>Simply Knitting</em>.<br/><br/>She's taken the next logical step to this - she's knitting the tree itself!<br/><br/>That pattern was in <em>Simply Knitting</em> - the tree was supposed to be white, but she bought dark green wool, and it looks a lot more tree-y.<br/>
If you like my tree, perhaps there might be a couple of votes coming my way!?.........
Yes, I saw that pattern, Kitewife is to be commended. It's from Alan Dart's Advent tree book of patterns that came with Sijmply Knitting. Maybe that would be the answer for all the extra ornaments I am acquiring - I should "knit" another tree!
She had planned to make the whole thing in time for Christmas, but we got too busy, and various bouts of minor illness. A colleague at work says each ornament takes up to two hours to complete.
I'll have to time myself on the next one!

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