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Introduction: Celebrating Instructables Club

We have had a great school year in our Instructables Club! We started off small with only about 10 members, but interest has grown through the shear awesomeness of our projects, so now we have over 50 members. We went from all members attending meetings 2 days a week, to all members attending meetings 4 days a weeks, to finally having to break the members into 4 groups of more than 12 each to attend only one day a week to make the attendance manageable in our space.

This is a little 'ible to celebrate our Instructables Club.

Step 1: Explore, Learn, Have Fun

Explore the Instructables site to see all the possibilities.

Learn by doing. Learn by following the examples of those who have shared. Learn by experimenting. Learn by creating. Learn by collaborating.

The most important thing we have done in our club is have fun!!!!

Step 2: Represent

Wear the Shirt.

Wear it to meetings.

Wear it at home.

Wear it out.

Change into it from your uniform as soon as you get out of school.

Wear it here and wear it there.

Wear it when there are cameras near.

Step 3: Celebrate

Commemorate the greatness of being in the best club ever with an awards ceremony and certificates.

We have included our Instructables club certificate template.

Thank you Instructables for all the fun you provided us with this year!



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    I'm hurt , all the way in Zimbabwe , how would we even get the shirts

    make some! it would be fun! or you could beg the editors :p or win one in a contest

    Really nice to see all those smiling faces. My son would love that club, shame we live in England.

    should start a club there!

    This is great! i would have loved to be in a club like that when i was a youngster :P

    Me too! Oh the stuff we would have learned!

    Awesome club. Adorable kids. Keep up the good work!

    This is awesome! And I'm a little bit jealous, I would have loved to belong to a group like yours. Keep up the good work!