Introduction: Celebrating My 300th Instructable!

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Here is how I celebrated publishing my 300th instructable! Read on for how I took this magical journey on a beautiful Saturday in our tropical island home.

Step 1: Taking the Wife Out for Sushi!

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For our Saturday date (or Saturdate!) I took the wife to a favorite spot that serves sushi. Great eating for lunch while smiling about my publishing accomplishment.

Step 2: Having Coffee at Starbucks.

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She loves the coffee. I don't touch the stuff but instead had a slice of lemon cake. Bit overcast weather wise but comfortable regardless.

Step 3: Taking in a Movie.

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For our entertainment value we looked at Dr Strange at a local cinema. Good viewing!

So that is how I celebrated publishing my 300th instructable!

For the 400th instructable, I will have to top this!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-11-12

Awesome man. Congratulations!

Hey thanks so much!

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