Making 3D models of celebrities is easier than you think! All you need is a digital camera (preferably with a flash), 123D Catch, and a local wax museum. With little money and effort, you can get dozens of license free 3D celebrity models in a matter of hours. The best part about this modeling method is that you also get to visit a wax museum, which I found to be an enjoyable, if not slightly surreal experience. 

I have attached a few models for your viewing enjoyment. Stay tuned for more.

Step 1: Go the Wax Museum

Grab the fanciest digital camera you have. A DSLR with a 35mm lens and a flash is preferable.

Make sure the battery is charged and the memory card is clear. Bring extras of both if possible.

Put on your shoes and coat (if necessary) and go to the nearest wax museum.

We are going to the wax museum because unlike real celebrities, wax celebrities never move, twitch or sneeze. Wax celebrities can easily by captured using the photogrammetry method employed by 123D Catch. With some patience and a few dozen pictures, you can get a 3D model of anyone they have on display.
<p>I read this years ago, just revisit this randomly. i envy the printer man! sorry for the rant, i am stuck with the printer in school library... regulations designed only &quot;libarians&quot; can operate it.</p>
<p>is this anything like dolls that you ca make from taking pictures</p>
<p>theere no 3d models here</p>
<p>how much for a custom one?</p>
Mother of God... do you realize what you've done?
...and your subjects will always remain motionless during the shoot!

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