Cell is a homemade costume made from an old sheet set, cardboard, wire, poster board, plastic bags, etc. The costume was made by me(Mom) for my 12 yr old autistic son that has loved the video game since he was 6yrs old.
<p> Cell</p>
<p>This is really cool.</p>
is there a way that you coukd do a step by step I love this and want to mak3 it
i think it is nicet hat you made this for your son and i like the costume to being a fan of all the dragon ball series
Thanks everyone for the compliments on the costume. Your kind words mean alot. :)) <br>
This is so awesome. My first cosplay when I was a kid was Mirai no Trunks from Dragon Ball Z. I always thought it'd be awesome if someone could pull off Cell. Great work!
love it! :D
What a fantastic costume - it looks very professional. :D
What a fantastic costume - it looks very professional. :D

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