Introduction: Cell Phone Trick Enlarges Your Screen

What about  enlarge the size of your mobile phone screen to watch videos ?
here a simple yet amazing trick

1 - Obtain a Fresnel lens like one of these from eBay or other retailer.
2- Make a stand for the lens. This can be as simple as cutting slots in two blocks of rubber, foam or wood.
3- Stand the lens vertically and prop up your cell phone behind it.
4- Adjust the distance between the two until the magnification is to your liking.


zacker (author)2013-07-25

I have a 50" Lens from an older big screen TV, I wonder how big I can blow up my iphones images? Hmmm... and yes, it starts a fire very quickly in bright sun!

ceanes (author)zacker2013-07-25

Thanks for your comment

qwerty987 (author)2012-12-30

i believe that some of the first bigscreen tv's used a similar approach but used 3 light projectors on the Fresnel lens. If you take one of these lenses out of a tv you can burn almost anything thekingofrandom has a video on it.

ceanes (author)qwerty9872012-12-31

Interesting information thanks for your comment

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