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Since i was going to make another car Dock for my truck and been trolling this site for years , I Thought  this would be Great for my First Instructable .  Using Multiple Adhesive Compounds ,  Zap a Gap / Zip Kicker (Cyanoacrylate) , 2 mix Epoxy Hardner, Paint safe Tape , epoxy based Paint adhesive for Flocking Fibers .

and since cellphone kits are expensive , bulky  and uglier than my neighbors face i had always opted to make them myself .

since the inception of the Nokia 6110 in 97 and being I've had at the least eight cell phones since then and  bought my truck in 2001 , everyone of those phones I've made a Docking for them  every one of them more elaborate than the next . actually the first two phones had a charging cable ,

So after Clearing space on my bench ,Gathering all the materials needed ,  taking a drive to the Hobby Shop for some Zap a Gap  ,

start cutting the ABS  ,going to 711 for a Super Gulp come back  glue the Materials together ,eat some lunch come back  fit the phone in the mold letting the Filler set  , I used this time to go to the Market  , make & Eat Dinner .
come back and sand and shape and add more filler   sand  and sand  flock the  the Dock  go get a refill for the Super Gulp , mount to the car ,  I was done  and had fun in the Process  , one days work   about 10 hours or so  , and about $4.50 for the zip kick super glue , all the other stuff i had in my garage  

So i Hope My Steps are Informative  I've Been Fabricating Stuff Like This for 20 years or so in the Car Audio Field ,I'm Not saying where but where i worked we have been featured in a lot of magazines  mini truckin , Car Audio& Electronics , Installation news , low rider   even a few others i cant remember for the life of me , So  Be Nice In your Comments, This is My First Instructable  and maybe not my Last  :)  Thanks

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Step 2: Last Call Out

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HTC G2 Cell Phone , or Whatever you may have !!     Any brand of paint safe , easy release masking tape , Blue 3M is Probably the best  , this is 3M as well

Step 3: Can You Hear Me Now ?

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Use the Tape to completely cover your Phone tape shapes pretty good to get a good fit, 
add about five strips of tape to one side of phone to allow for spacing ,so its not to tight , you will be adding flocking material,   also,the tape protects it from the elements in the shop and to gap the areas when filling the epoxy

Step 4: Cutting Materials

Picture of Cutting Materials

cutting the desired pieces with a bench top band saw to cut the 1/8 ABS Plastic 

Step 5: Is It Straight ?

Picture of Is It Straight ?

i used these heavy marble bookends for stuff like this something flat with a straight angle

Step 6: Crazyyyy Glue !

Picture of Crazyyyy Glue !

Step 7: Ready to Test Fit

Picture of Ready to Test Fit

Step 8: Snug As a Bug

Picture of Snug As a Bug

ok now it fits great ,gaps on the side are good , size is good . snug fit

Step 9: Just Take a Lil Off the Side Please

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shaping the straight edges , sanding on the flat surface using 40grit  sandpaper  i think from a planer sander ?  nice straight angles

Step 10:

Picture of

Part A is the Filler , Part B is the Hardener  (Sorry for the blurry pics) 

Step 11: Stirring the Pot

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Mixing the two part epoxy filler not too much ,  just a bit more of  hardener  

Step 12: Let It Rest , Dinner Time

Picture of Let It Rest , Dinner Time

as soon as you slather it in the corners , slide the phone in and  let the molding process set in   , i used this time to go to the store for dinner , make and eat dinner ( oh i forgot ,to free the taped phone you can spray the taped phone with silicone spray or can put some vaseline as well but lighly coat it with a towel 

Step 13:

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refreshed and full from dinner , peel back the tape and carefully remove your phone from the mold

Step 14:

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relesed from the mold you have a depth of the phones impression , you can see where you can cut the corners

Step 15: San Do Floor

Picture of San Do Floor

i use 80 grit sand paper from a DA sander for a more delicate sanding of edges

Step 16:

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now you fill the edges blindly and use the phones impression to add filler in the sides , i didnt show that i used the band saw to take about a 1/4" of the bottom corners, and using a ball grinding tip for the dremel to grind the filler flush with the impression the phone made

Step 17: Looking Good , Time for a Break

Picture of Looking Good , Time for a Break

Gaps are great ! sides are nice and thin corners and edges are shaped evenly all by hand .

Step 18: More Cutting

Picture of More Cutting

now you want to cut out for the Charging inlet , for this i used a dremel .

Step 19: More Grinding

Picture of More Grinding

on the back i added 1/4"  =  2x 1/8"  spacer of ABS 

Step 20:

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grinded down the ABS with the dremel again and filled the edges with the epoxy filler  . ABS is  wet sanded for a smooth finish ready for  the flocking glue .  lol

Step 21: Get the Flock Out of Here

Picture of Get the Flock Out of Here

this is a Suede Flocking Kit ,  by The Install Bay @ from a line of Awesome Custom Products  Endorsed by David "Fishman" Rivera 

Step 22: Oooooooooooooo

Picture of Oooooooooooooo

oooooooohhhh    SUEDE !!!!!

Step 23:

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counter sinking a 6mm thread screw

Step 24: 90% Done

Picture of 90% Done

attaching the screw to a  universal cell adapter from motorola hands free kits , even the  1 1/2 " X 2"  bases will work as well  , the spacer on the back can accomodate it  That is one half of the adapter .

Step 25:

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trimmed out a piece of ABS  , to cover the plug hole

Step 26:

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 knotched it for the 3.5 Aux cable with the dremel .

Step 27:

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backing retainer plate screwed in  

Step 28:

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bracket mounted

Step 29:

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close up

Step 30:

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Step 31: Mounted

Picture of Mounted

after relocating the emergency light switch to the left of the steering wheel next to the dimmer switch ,  the dock is now mounted and free from the dash overhang ,  and a thin piece of real suede liner to cover the screw .   

Step 32:

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Step 33:

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Step 34: Finished Just in Time , Just Got a Text From the Wife

Picture of Finished  Just in Time , Just Got a Text From the Wife

Final Result Sleek Smooth Suede Finish , firmly Mounted , it sits at a 78.6 deg angle, the weight of the phone  sits firmly in the dock , and since i use a 3.5 to rca adapter for audio and hands free capability  , plugged into the AUX  of my Stereo   and the 3.5 jack also  will keep the phone down , 

Step 35:

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3366carlos (author)2014-05-27

u da man!

gripen40k (author)2013-10-22

This is really good, well done :)

masicyclist (author)2011-01-15

Very nice. I really like the suede.

Diabloscope (author)2010-12-05

Just want to add all these materials can be found at they will be different brand names that i have , they have everthing to might need for future instructables ,

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Bio: 25 yrs in the car audio/alarm industry , just plain like messing with Hacking / Altering Stuff
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