Cell Phone Finger Strap, never drop iPhone or Android again!

Picture of Cell Phone Finger Strap, never drop iPhone or Android again!
I recently upgraded my iPhone 3gs to a much larger Galaxy Note. The Note's 5.3" screen size is awesome, but holding the phone and texting w/  one hand is difficult. I was always worried about dropping it.

By adding removable elastic 'finger straps' I can now hold my phone securely, never worried about dropping it anymore! After some research, I found a similar product online for $12-18. My version IMO is just as good, and you can make several for a fraction of the cost.

My solution works for ALL cell phones, and tablets too with some modifications. For iPads or other tablets, add an extra 1-2 loops.

Legal disclaimer: Don't text and drive. I will not be responsible for your phone or any misuse of this product:)
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Step 1: Materials and specs

Picture of Materials and specs
You will need:

1) 1" wide x 7" long ELASTIC band. This I found to be okay for average size hands and a snug fit. You can adjust the length for larger hands or if you want a looser fit.

2) HEAVY-duty velcro. Get the strong kind. You will need a 3"x2" piece for a large phone.

3) Sewing machine with dark thread will make quicker work. Hand sewing is optional.

Step 2:

Picture of
Cut elastic and make your measurements. I added masking tape for easy marking.

Note this piece is 7" long. The two 2 1/8" measurements are the finger loops... if u want a larger loop then increase this measurement SLIGHTLY to 2 1/4" or more. Keep all other measurements the same. Increasing the loop size will increase the overall elastic length.

Step 3: Sew the two loops, add velcro 'hook' side

Picture of Sew the two loops, add velcro 'hook' side
Preferably using a sewing machine, sew the two loops from the measurements you made.

Next cut the velcro 'HOOK SIDE' the same size as the elastic base, about 1" x 2 3/4". Stick the velcro piece on the elactic base.

It should look like this.
sdibiase4 months ago
Brilliant. Clean and professional.

I knew I couldn't be the only one who was thinking about this. Especially good for reading in bed where the phone trends to fall down to my face. ..
angelgabriel (author) 6 months ago
^Dom what a silly question. Go back to playing with your legos and stop trolling.
Dom Toretto6 months ago
Is it worth it