This is a glitch me and my brother found out. It is pretty dang loud to, so be prepared. It also kinda sounds like a Ring Wraith from Lord of the Rings. And all it requires is two cell phones!(We did it with a RAZR and a Samsung Sync, it might now work with other phones.)

Step 1: Get to Phones

Things you will need:

2 phones

( We have only tried it with a Razr and a Sync )

Step 2: Call

Now call the other phone, and pick up.
This shouldn't be to hard, unless your like my brother. =)

Step 3: Call Again

Now call that same person again with the same phone, do not hang up the first call, and pick it up also. So now you should have 2 calls on the line.

Step 4: Link the Calls

Now the real hard part,(not really.) Link the calls from both phones so that you are in a conference call. Your done, simple enough.

Now for the fun, but loud part. Put it on speaker phone(if you have it. It doesn't make a big difference, it is just louder.) Make all the noises you want. It is fun to make high pitch noises, it sounds like a Ring Wraith. Have fun!

This is my first instructable, so tell me what ya think.
It's a simple case of feedback - right up there with annoying sounds you hear when someone is doing a speech and the microphone is too close to the speakers.
um yeah that is a good way to blow the the speaker in the phones and why would you want to do that any ways <br>
You don't need to link two lines together. Just put both phones on speaker phone. Call one phone from the other. Put the mic part of one phone, to the speaker of the other (kind of like a phone in the 69 position lol), and make noise or clank the two cell phones together, and it will begin to make noise, quite annoying, did this many times last year in my dorm.
i did the same thing but i used two house fones on the same line so it dident waste minits
Ah. Well, we have 1400 minutes on hour plan for each month, plus its free Verizon to Verizon, so it doesn't waste any of our minutes.
Verizon is bad because att is good. Verizon has a stalking bald guy. "My phone is broken!" "We've got you covered!" "Who the hell are you?"
If at&amp;t was bad, would Verizon be good? How are they connected? I don't mean to be rude, I'm just curious.<br />
No, because both are major phone companies. Ow my head hurts now...
NapoleanDynamite--<br><br>Man keep on discovering stuff! You done good! If you keep up looking for strange things that happen when you do your experiments, you will have the chance to gain more knowledge then you could possibly believe. Take each 'new' experiment you do, think hard on it, and find the truth behind it- in other words, what makes it 'tick', or work. That is the important thing to do- learn! Don't argue about it, learn from it. You done good. Oh, by the way, brothers always remain stupid, until you are 30 or so, maybe 40...
This is an issue with cheap pa systems. if you keep the microphone too close to the speaker, you get a squeal.
havn't you ever played with walkie-talkies?
it's called FEEDBACK
Some people arent smart enough to know that. To these certian people anything unusual in life is a &quot;glitch&quot;. lol
Uh, is this just some 10 y/o kid learning about feedback? <br />
i no how to did this and im only ten i leared how wen i was 9
I&nbsp;also notice you cannot spell, and have a lack of simple grammar.<br />
Hey man, back off, he's only ten.&nbsp; lol<br />
I remember doing this with my friend at lunch and in English class these get pretty freakin loud
yeah. ive done it with my home phone. just put 2 on speaker, and bring them close to eachother. this can also be done with a mic. i have a piano with a mic. i put the mic up to the speaker of the piano (i mean keyboard) you get lound noise, especially when its on full blast!
Oh wow, I made feedback thanks to this DIY! And whats the deal with this kid "Glitcher"? Seems like he has something to prove but at this point I have no idea what that is. Fighting for the science behind feedback doesnt really validate my life in any way. Sucks for me I guess.
i dont think you need to link the calls you only need to call one person and put the phones close together
ive done that millions of times
Welcome to feedback. Put any mic close to its speaker and you will hear it.
It is true that you will hear weird noises, but not like this. You should try it, I bet you haven't before you posted.
You don't have to be close together either, I have done it with someone 100 miles away.
It's still feedback, just not directly from the other phone. Since it is a phone it has a speaker and a microphone on its own. =) <br/>
You don't have to stick it on conference call, and it works with just about any phone. I have done it with several of my friends and every cell phone we have used so far has worked.
good for a first 'ible, a video would be a good idea for this type of thing though
Erm... I have no idea what you're doing in the middle steps- can you cal the same phone twice and conference call them? Anyway, that part is unnecessary- just call phone A from phone B, put one or both of them on speakerphone and put them next to each other.
You call the same phone twice, then you link them so you are in a conference call. And you don't have to be close together either.
So, yeah it's just feedback, but there is something special about it. I've only done it with 2 phones in close proximity and on speaker phone. The cool part is the delay you get between the phones. It's got a fraction of a second delay to it, so it's not instant ear piercing screaming. It's more of a chirp chirp which gets higher in pitch as it fades away. It is actually pretty cool.
not a glitch... you can do it with any phone, it's just your basic mic feedback.
Feedback is feedback.

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