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This is a glitch me and my brother found out. It is pretty dang loud to, so be prepared. It also kinda sounds like a Ring Wraith from Lord of the Rings. And all it requires is two cell phones!(We did it with a RAZR and a Samsung Sync, it might now work with other phones.)

Step 1: Get to Phones

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Things you will need:

2 phones

( We have only tried it with a Razr and a Sync )

Step 2: Call

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Now call the other phone, and pick up.
This shouldn't be to hard, unless your like my brother. =)

Step 3: Call Again

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Now call that same person again with the same phone, do not hang up the first call, and pick it up also. So now you should have 2 calls on the line.

Step 4: Link the Calls

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Now the real hard part,(not really.) Link the calls from both phones so that you are in a conference call. Your done, simple enough.

Now for the fun, but loud part. Put it on speaker phone(if you have it. It doesn't make a big difference, it is just louder.) Make all the noises you want. It is fun to make high pitch noises, it sounds like a Ring Wraith. Have fun!

This is my first instructable, so tell me what ya think.


ToolboxGuy (author)2013-11-24

It's a simple case of feedback - right up there with annoying sounds you hear when someone is doing a speech and the microphone is too close to the speakers.

rbennett8 (author)2012-07-31

um yeah that is a good way to blow the the speaker in the phones and why would you want to do that any ways

bbarker3 (author)2009-04-26

You don't need to link two lines together. Just put both phones on speaker phone. Call one phone from the other. Put the mic part of one phone, to the speaker of the other (kind of like a phone in the 69 position lol), and make noise or clank the two cell phones together, and it will begin to make noise, quite annoying, did this many times last year in my dorm.

cody777 (author)bbarker32009-07-25

i did the same thing but i used two house fones on the same line so it dident waste minits

bbarker3 (author)cody7772009-08-01

Ah. Well, we have 1400 minutes on hour plan for each month, plus its free Verizon to Verizon, so it doesn't waste any of our minutes.

Colonel88 (author)bbarker32009-10-06

Verizon is bad because att is good. Verizon has a stalking bald guy. "My phone is broken!" "We've got you covered!" "Who the hell are you?"

ducksarewet (author)Colonel882009-11-06

If at&t was bad, would Verizon be good? How are they connected? I don't mean to be rude, I'm just curious.

Colonel88 (author)ducksarewet2009-11-08

No, because both are major phone companies. Ow my head hurts now...

The nerdling (author)Colonel882011-06-23


jpnagle59 (author)2011-02-27


Man keep on discovering stuff! You done good! If you keep up looking for strange things that happen when you do your experiments, you will have the chance to gain more knowledge then you could possibly believe. Take each 'new' experiment you do, think hard on it, and find the truth behind it- in other words, what makes it 'tick', or work. That is the important thing to do- learn! Don't argue about it, learn from it. You done good. Oh, by the way, brothers always remain stupid, until you are 30 or so, maybe 40...

Musicman41 (author)2010-08-31

This is an issue with cheap pa systems. if you keep the microphone too close to the speaker, you get a squeal.

matstermind (author)2010-06-19

havn't you ever played with walkie-talkies?

nature223 (author)2008-10-12

it's called FEEDBACK

lamboboy732 (author)nature2232010-03-13

Some people arent smart enough to know that. To these certian people anything unusual in life is a "glitch". lol

anonymousrandomguy (author)2010-03-05

Uh, is this just some 10 y/o kid learning about feedback?

bobhill125 (author)2009-03-05

i no how to did this and im only ten i leared how wen i was 9

I also notice you cannot spell, and have a lack of simple grammar.

Tayl90mm (author)lilpepsikraker2010-01-29

Hey man, back off, he's only ten.  lol

glitcher (author)2008-08-27

Would you like to know about the simple programming languages(i.e. C#, HTML, etc...) Or would you like some pro CSS techniques? I can give you plenty of those. It is in fact what I special in. You cant expect a single man to explain all of programming even from MIT. There is to much and it would take way to long. And when YOU know what you are talking about, look ME up. You never know, I might have a spot open for you. I will give you a boatload of info on CSS if you need me to to prove myself. I'm available on weekends, and after 7 O'clock on weekdays.

xrobevansx (author)glitcher2008-08-28

It is in fact what I special in Web design? Woopty doo. That's hardly "programming" You proved my point.

With your VAST experience in "programming" surely you could explain this "programming" of the magical cellphone that doesn't create feeedback (beyond the obvious half-duplexing). All of us dummies that believe in the wild and crazy "feedback" would love to be enlightened.


glitcher (author)xrobevansx2008-09-30

OK. The reason it doesn't feedback on itself is because it recognizes the frequency coming OUT of the speaker, so it won't keep repeating it over and over and over and get my point. I myself have a really loud phone, somebody can be standing five feet away and hear the whole conversation i am having. If it wasn't PROGRAMMED to not reapeat itself I would be hearing the person I am communicating with echo. I don't though. By the way, I wouldn't put programming away that easily, at this day and age, the world revolves around programming. Web design, Flash, the whole nine yards. What do you think William Gates did? How do you think this website was created? And do you think someone put a couple peices of plastic together and "voila! I HAVE CREATED THE PHONE!", NOOOO, someone prgrammed it to store files and data, to take pictures, to have color on it, and even to make the machines that MAKES THE PHONE work properly.

hoihoi151 (author)glitcher2009-01-25

that has some major flaws. if a phone is programed not to repeat a recognised frequency u would only b able to say one word. each humans voice operates at multiple frequencies, each word consists of multiple frequencies continuously. if ur phone canceled out the frequencies it just heard ur next word would either b very 'tinny' or very 'bassy'. incase u dont belive what i am saying i am a audio tech specialising in frequency analysis. :)

The phones are programmed to not recycle audio waves matching the output...

Sort of. Phones are designed so that when you talk into the microphone it switches the phase of it coming out the speaker on your own phone. thus preventing feed back

*sits back eating pig skin* This is VERY ( I Mean VVVEEERRRRYYYYY ) fun to watch... You both crack me up.

Oh and did I mention... this is HILARIOUS!!!

i actually agree with you, now that i go back and read it...

mchs60chip (author)2009-05-16

I remember doing this with my friend at lunch and in English class these get pretty freakin loud

dodo91 (author)2009-03-26

yeah. ive done it with my home phone. just put 2 on speaker, and bring them close to eachother. this can also be done with a mic. i have a piano with a mic. i put the mic up to the speaker of the piano (i mean keyboard) you get lound noise, especially when its on full blast!

corey_caffeine (author)2009-03-09

(removed by community request)

xrobevansx (author)2008-07-20

you can be a million miles apart...if a phone is set for "speakerphone' it can cause feedback to itself. That's what you are hearing 100 miles apart: FEEDBACK. Listen kids, trust the old timers. We know.

it doesnt work like that. the phone is specifically programmed for the microphone to reject the sound the speaker produces to prevent circulating audio patterns. otherwise it wouldnt matter how the phone was being used. if it was set to speaker and the there was and exchange of audion information on both ends, there would be a plethura of circulating signals identical to eachother.

Really? Where do you get your information? How does the phone get "programmed" to do this? Typically the speaker and mic are opposite so the speaker would have to be extra loud for the feedback to which case you get FEEDBACK. There is no magical "programming" of which you speak, sorry.

I'm sorry to disappoint you but there is. I have seen the programming, none the less, modified it. unless my phone is unique, which I highly doubt, then all of them are like this. To answer you question, the phone gets programmed to do this by the manufacturer and the distributors.

No, the lack of feedback is because many phones are not full-duplex. better luck next time. "Programming"....ha. If the phone is full duplex, you will get feedback.

Nick.XIII (author)xrobevansx2008-09-26

there is programming, it works just like noise cancelling headfones. the fine repeats exactly what's coming out of the speakers except a the opposite end of the spectrum and cancels out the noise coming from the speaker, so unless your using a fone thats really old, or you disabled that feature, its impossible to get feedback from just putting your fone on speaker. now if you had a mic set up next to the speaker and another set of speakers next to the fone's mic, then you may get feedback, maybe.

hoihoi151 (author)Nick.XIII2009-01-26

its not the other end of the spectrum that u would use to cancel sound out. its called puting sound out of phase. this means inverting the frequency not goin 2 the other end of a sound spectrum.

glitcher (author)Nick.XIII2008-09-30

Exactly, and by the way...It is spelled "phone".

Nick.XIII (author)glitcher2008-10-01

i know, i just spell it 'fone'.

Many phone may have a feedback canceling feature. It is not unbelievable. I am a Comm-Electronics troop, with a degree in electronics systems technology. Many military comm systems (most being full duplex) do have this feature. If the microphone pics up a waveform matching the audio out waveform then it's bits are either removed from the transmission or the level is reduced into the noise floor. Code for waveform analysis is common and i would not be surprised to find it in a phone. Simply after the data is quantized the computer can do what t wants with it according to its programming.

hoihoi151 (author)strumbot2009-01-26

our 'cans' at work r full duplex. and doesnt have feedback protection. anyone who knows anything about sound knows how to quickly stop feedback. shut the thing off then turn it down n start again. this is the same as mobiles. they detect a blast of sound then ax the mic and spkr n start again. oh and to anyone who uses a mic n gets feedback DO NOT PUT UR HAND OVER THE MOUTH PIECE. this only makes it worse

glitcher (author)xrobevansx2008-09-30

The speaker can pick up a small wave of audio, you don't have to scream in the phone for the other person on the line to hear you

glitcher (author)xrobevansx2008-08-26

if that is so then why do the manufacturers put speakerphone in? why when all other phones get put on speakerphone it doesnt do that? your thinking is like a child's, just because we say so you say no. if you think about the "solution" then you can find the problems in your hypothesis. you must have not been in college at all since you take programming do lightly...

xrobevansx (author)glitcher2008-08-26

Speakerphones aren't usually full duplex because of FEEDBACK. Ever notice you can't really talk while the other person is talking? That's called half-duplex. Some are full duplex I am sure. Then, if the speaker was loud enough and the mic was sensitive enough, you'd get FEEDBACK. I went to college, got a degree and taught high school. The burden of proof is on YOU. I (we...the rest of us that are right) know I am right I don't need to be validated by you. By the way, where did you go to college and for what?

glitcher (author)xrobevansx2008-08-26

MIT for comp programming. I also got a minor in physics. Where did YOU go?

some very expensive phones have feed back protection. this means that if the phone detects a high pitch loud noise it shuts the mic and spkr off. we use the same principle at our concerts with noise limiters. wen we hire equipment they put noise limiters in the sends so it doesnt blow the spkr. hehe. little do they know if u attach a mic to the limiter and run the mic bhind the stage where there is little noise the limiter is inefective

nc-kf (author)2008-11-25

Oh wow, I made feedback thanks to this DIY! And whats the deal with this kid "Glitcher"? Seems like he has something to prove but at this point I have no idea what that is. Fighting for the science behind feedback doesnt really validate my life in any way. Sucks for me I guess.

disturbedreaper (author)2008-11-02

i dont think you need to link the calls you only need to call one person and put the phones close together

glitcher (author)2008-08-26

Ok, lets get this is a CONSTANT high pitched noise you get when you get two phones together IN THE SAME ROOM.This contains WAVES OF LOW OR HIGH PITCHED FREQUENCIES on both phones. notice the difference. and don't post before you try it please.

zak.gillies.oo (author)2008-08-25

ive done that millions of times

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