Cell Phone Penguin Loves You! Thing a Day - Day 1





Introduction: Cell Phone Penguin Loves You! Thing a Day - Day 1

This penguin lights up when a cell phone rings. I made it for Thing A Day.

It can also be seen on the blog at http://www.thing-a-day.com



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    Can you pleaseeeee make an instructable on how to make it D: not how to do the when a phone ring stuff just the wiring and the materials you used for the black white and orange stuff on the penguin D: i want to make oneee

    I actually bought the penguin like that at a garage sale. I think it was a holiday lawn ornament.

    T.T do you know what the orange white and black stuff is??

    Some sort of tinsel.

    and the base is wiring right? the penguin is make of wiring right?

    Yes. It is a little more sturdy than standard wire, but basically yes, it is a metal frame.

    Sorry to be botherin you but where do you get tinsel? and the lights are just LED's right?

    Probably a craft store or somewhere that sells party decorations (or the internet). The lights are just a strand of Christmas lights woven in.

    If you use linux, get my package of shell scripts from http://user.cavenet.com/rolandl, called SMS1.tgz. Allows full IO and PWM control from keyboard, or GUI (via xdialog), or your scripts. AD is scaled to mV and formatted for import to spreadsheets. Needs SimpleMessageSystem microcode from arduino.cc, but it's (as proof of concept) easy to modify for your choice of microcode on the Diecimila. Modular, can handle as many units as you can plug into your USB ports. Check it out.

    may I ask why you posted two of these