I recently acquired a new gig for the creation of a piece of wall art, so i thought, what better time than to employ the services of the laser cutter at Techshop to create a wooden piece. I discussed the idea of making a piece made from wood that was inspired by cellular structures in biology, which then led me to thinking about using the actual cellular structure of wood as a departure point for the design.

Before choosing and ordering a species of wood for the actual project, I decided to make some tests first, on smaller 1/8' pieces left over from other projects.

I made this at Techshop!

Step 1: Reference Images

I started, as I always do, with taking a look at some reference images online, through a simple google image search.

One thing that is apparent with cellular structure in general is that they are roughly all the same shape and size but no two are identical. They all have slight variations in the number of sides, angles and number of corners.

<p>Beautiful&iexcl; ;-)</p>
<p>As a plant biologist and a woodworker, this has lots of appeal. Nicely done! Now if I only had access to a laser cutter.................!</p>
<p>Just beautiful! As a former scientist, I love combining science and art, and there is such sublime beauty on the microscopic level. Excellent job.</p>
<p>Wow! Nice!! And I'm saying it as a student in the area of health!</p>
<p>OK, that's just too cool! I like the arrangement at the top. Taking a cue from cell structures was brilliant.</p>
You should look up Scriptographer. It's a plugin for Illustrator. It has one called Voronoi which makes similar patterns in just a few seconds.
<p>this is beautiful!</p>

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