Picture of Cell phone for gloved hands or fat fingers
I have a Sony Ericsson C702 which is a great outdoor / sport-friendly phone. It is waterproof & dustproof and has a built-in GPS.

I use my phone with various GPS applications to record and publish my mountain bike rides on the web in real-time. The C702 keypad has tiny keys which makes it nearly impossible to operate the phone while wearing full-finger gloves. Every time I want to record a waypoint or check my location on the phone, I would have to stop and remove a glove just so that I can press the buttons.

This simple modification will make your cell phone easier to operate with gloves on.
I have even found it makes normal operation without gloves easier, especially if you have large fingers.

This modification is really easy and all you need is a hot-glue gun and a fairly steady hand.
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Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
Plug your glue gun in to heat up.
While you wait for it to get hot, you can prepare your phone to receive its new joystick.

You are gonna be placing a bead of glue on the centre button (a.k.a. the "Select" or "Enter" button).
Wipe this area with a dry cloth or piece of tissue to ensure that there is a clean surface for the glue to stick to.

ibayibay14 years ago
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