Introduction: Cell Phone Tripod Mount

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I made this tripod mount for my Samsung.

But you can use any other phone insted.

Step 1: What You Need Is.....

Picture of What  You Need Is.....

1. A cell phone cover

2. A piece a plywood 120 x 200 x 6 mm

3. Block of wood 70 x 40 x 20 mm

4. 1/4" nut

5. Conctruction glue ( epoxy will work too )




Step 2: Watch the Instructions on This Video

Hope you injoyed it.


Remy Boyz (author)2016-04-25

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Bluerocket123 (author)2015-04-11

How are the flexibile legs structures called?

hboom (author)Bluerocket1232015-04-11

T only thing a know is that's it is a flexible tripod

hboom (author)2015-04-06

Well I think that the plywood gives you more stabiliteit because the cover is flexibele and can bend

zucchero (author)2015-04-06

Very nicely done... Couldn't we simply glue the wooden part with the nut directly to the phone cover(without the plywood part) ?

pucksurfer (author)2015-04-05

That phone really looks like it has an edge on it like the note 4 out s6 edge... But good job

hboom (author)pucksurfer2015-04-06

Thanks Punksurfer

seamster (author)2015-04-05

Very nicely done. This is probably the simplest and smartest way to make a cell phone mount. Thanks!

hboom (author)seamster2015-04-05

Your welcome Seamster.... Glad you like it

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