Picture of Cell phone wrist band
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Step 1: Cell Phone Holder

Picture of Cell Phone Holder
Buy a Dollar store cell phone belt holder, we like the magnetic closer

Step 2:

Picture of
Remove the belt clip and rivet, and then cut slot in each side about the center, with utility knife

Step 3: Get Velcro ready

Picture of Get Velcro ready
We used one sided velcro from dollar store, measured for my wrist, and then measured another piece of soft side sewn to the back of the loop side so that when it is wrapped around the wrist, it has some place to grip onto

Step 4: Slide velcro through slit

Picture of Slide velcro through slit
We put the loop side up through the slit

Step 5: Putting on

Picture of Putting on
Put it on just like a wrist watch, and wrap the velcro around wrist and trim to length.

Step 6: Install

Picture of Install
Install cell phone

Step 7: Making it smooth

Picture of Making it smooth
We found the loop side under our arm was rough, so cut another piece of soft side and attach to under side of arm to make it smooth. This allows us to put coats and jackets on without taking the phone off our wrist. And more comfortable than a belt.

With jackets and coats on, it was always a problem getting at the phone when driving, this way you can open the holder and remove and open the phone with one hand. We like it, and it is comfortable to wear.

Step 8: Finished

Picture of Finished
The end product, try it, you will like it.
jshannon015 years ago
The instructions are not clear to me. What is soft side? The whole part about making it smooth is clear as mud...sorry.
emit (author)  jshannon015 years ago
Velcro has two halves. one that is soft and the other with hooks, Hooks are the hard side
This is a nice little do it yourself product. However, if you really need a serious wrist/forearm cell phone/small device holder, look no further than www.cellband.com These holders are made from wristbands that use adhesive strips and Velcro to secure your device. These holders allow the user to operate their device while in the holder(Good for speakerphone use) Machine Washable. Only $6.39 Check video out http://bit.ly/adezld
PokerAnon5 years ago
Heh, I was searching for one I could buy, but building from a dollar store sounds even better. Thanks!
Ward_Nox6 years ago
ok im just gunna say it ITS MORPHING TIME! seriously that was my first thought but i gotta be honest i actually think the idea has merit
lemonie6 years ago
And it would go on your leg too. L