I decided to use my old desktop stereo speakers & incorporate them in my charging station, so i can play my music with more bass. (A lot better than cellphone's loudspeaker) + can be used as an extremely loud speakerphone or  an extremely loud alarm clock.

Step 1: Get donor speakers

Get old desktop speakers or any pair of powered speakers. Small enough to fit in to the box that you have chosen.
<p>Really awesome one! but your trick also works on <a href="http://www.sfcable.com/BT-SP-02.html" rel="nofollow">travel speaker</a> too!</p>
o have you heard of cosmic gate exploration of space great song
I wasn't aware of this group to be honest. but I did listen to that song. I liked it :) What kind of music are you in to?
hey man you want to chat like i sent you a message and you write back right away. ? fair yes or no.
well i like rock and roll kiss ac-dc sting and darudge.
your very welcome. o, how long did it take for you to make it.?
Was very quick. Half an hour maybe :) good thing is now i dont have messy cables getting tangled. We have 7 cellphones at home, so imagine the mess. I am planning to make a better charging/music station
i know how frustrating tangled cables can get. o good luck on your next project.
nice job man Darksatar3 three
thx! will post some more projects soon.

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