Cellphone Charging / Music Station (Reuse Old Desktop Speakers)





Introduction: Cellphone Charging / Music Station (Reuse Old Desktop Speakers)

I decided to use my old desktop stereo speakers & incorporate them in my charging station, so i can play my music with more bass. (A lot better than cellphone's loudspeaker) + can be used as an extremely loud speakerphone or  an extremely loud alarm clock.

Step 1: Get Donor Speakers

Get old desktop speakers or any pair of powered speakers. Small enough to fit in to the box that you have chosen.

Step 2: Disassemble

Carefully remove the drivers, transformer and the circuit and any other components.

Step 3: What We Need. Bare Essentials.

After taking out all the components, cut of excess wires (AC mains & Line in) & make them short. and remove other stuff that you don't feel is useful. (like knobs and screws)

Step 4: Time to Add the Amplifier, Transformer & Drivers in the Charging Station.

OK, from where did the charging station come from? Here. My earlier project. Please watch.

Step 5: Connect the Components

The picture explains it i think. I know it doesn't look safe, but it is. I was worried about the transformer melting the plastic. I was relieved that it doesn't heat.

Step 6: Place the Components Inside.

Tape any exposed wires with electrical insulating tape & carefully place the amplifier along with speakers.

Step 7: Make Speaker Grill

Take any reference and make holes to make it look like a speaker grill. 

Step 8: Mark on Both Sides.

Or if you want to go creative, go ahead and make any design you like.

Step 9: Mark the Dots. (again, Use Your Creativity)

Step 10: Make Holes With Soldering Iron

Make holes on the dots  with the soldering iron. (Do not inhale any resulting fumes)

Step 11: Clean It Up a Bit.

It could get messy, shave of excess plastic with blade, knife or a steel ruler.

Step 12: Place the Lid.

Step 13: Done!

Done! Now it can be used to play your favorite tunes, radio, or as a speakerphone or put it on high volume and make sure you wake up in the morning! 

Note: I could have put the volume controls on the outside if i wanted, but i want to make it look clean. So I kept the vol (on the amplifier) at 80% & set my desired volume through the Phone.



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o have you heard of cosmic gate exploration of space great song

I wasn't aware of this group to be honest. but I did listen to that song. I liked it :) What kind of music are you in to?

hey man you want to chat like i sent you a message and you write back right away. ? fair yes or no.

well i like rock and roll kiss ac-dc sting and darudge.

your very welcome. o, how long did it take for you to make it.?

Was very quick. Half an hour maybe :) good thing is now i dont have messy cables getting tangled. We have 7 cellphones at home, so imagine the mess. I am planning to make a better charging/music station

i know how frustrating tangled cables can get. o good luck on your next project.

thx! will post some more projects soon.