Introduction: Cellphone Charging / Music Station (Reuse Old Desktop Speakers)

Picture of Cellphone Charging / Music Station (Reuse Old Desktop Speakers)

I decided to use my old desktop stereo speakers & incorporate them in my charging station, so i can play my music with more bass. (A lot better than cellphone's loudspeaker) + can be used as an extremely loud speakerphone or  an extremely loud alarm clock.

Step 1: Get Donor Speakers

Picture of Get Donor Speakers

Get old desktop speakers or any pair of powered speakers. Small enough to fit in to the box that you have chosen.

Step 2: Disassemble

Picture of Disassemble

Carefully remove the drivers, transformer and the circuit and any other components.

Step 3: What We Need. Bare Essentials.

Picture of What We Need. Bare Essentials.

After taking out all the components, cut of excess wires (AC mains & Line in) & make them short. and remove other stuff that you don't feel is useful. (like knobs and screws)

Step 4: Time to Add the Amplifier, Transformer & Drivers in the Charging Station.

OK, from where did the charging station come from? Here. My earlier project. Please watch.

Step 5: Connect the Components

Picture of Connect the Components

The picture explains it i think. I know it doesn't look safe, but it is. I was worried about the transformer melting the plastic. I was relieved that it doesn't heat.

Step 6: Place the Components Inside.

Picture of Place the Components Inside.

Tape any exposed wires with electrical insulating tape & carefully place the amplifier along with speakers.

Step 7: Make Speaker Grill

Picture of Make Speaker Grill

Take any reference and make holes to make it look like a speaker grill. 

Step 8: Mark on Both Sides.

Picture of Mark on Both Sides.

Or if you want to go creative, go ahead and make any design you like.

Step 9: Mark the Dots. (again, Use Your Creativity)

Picture of Mark the Dots. (again, Use Your Creativity)

Step 10: Make Holes With Soldering Iron

Picture of Make Holes With Soldering Iron

Make holes on the dots  with the soldering iron. (Do not inhale any resulting fumes)

Step 11: Clean It Up a Bit.

Picture of Clean It Up a Bit.

It could get messy, shave of excess plastic with blade, knife or a steel ruler.

Step 12: Place the Lid.

Picture of Place the Lid.

Step 13: Done!

Picture of Done!

Done! Now it can be used to play your favorite tunes, radio, or as a speakerphone or put it on high volume and make sure you wake up in the morning! 

Note: I could have put the volume controls on the outside if i wanted, but i want to make it look clean. So I kept the vol (on the amplifier) at 80% & set my desired volume through the Phone.


davidjohnson87 (author)2014-07-16

Really awesome one! but your trick also works on travel speaker too!

hellmaster993 (author)2012-03-23

o have you heard of cosmic gate exploration of space great song

I wasn't aware of this group to be honest. but I did listen to that song. I liked it :) What kind of music are you in to?

hey man you want to chat like i sent you a message and you write back right away. ? fair yes or no.

well i like rock and roll kiss ac-dc sting and darudge.

hellmaster993 (author)2012-03-20

your very welcome. o, how long did it take for you to make it.?

Was very quick. Half an hour maybe :) good thing is now i dont have messy cables getting tangled. We have 7 cellphones at home, so imagine the mess. I am planning to make a better charging/music station

i know how frustrating tangled cables can get. o good luck on your next project.

hellmaster993 (author)2012-03-18

nice job man Darksatar3 three

thx! will post some more projects soon.

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